Mr. Ma: want to do things can’t be afraid of criticism


a friend sent text messages to me today, said someone wrote black us again online, is very angry and worry. Actually time someone will write all kinds of articles or blame, or criticism, or false facts… It’s too normal.

to do things they shouldn’t be frightened by critics. Anyway, you don’t do things you wouldn’t be less. Especially now is the primary stage in the development of Internet, everyone can write call names. Criticize others become a tool of many benefits to fame, scolded too normal, haven’t been to scold don’t normal online, at least you’re not previously known.

the human body is there are a lot of waste. The person’s mood also has a lot of waste. Basically, human excrement in the toilet, the stench. People waste also stench, but basically, scattered on the network for… People have emotions waste is very normal, we all have. Just some people pull anywhere.

usually around by people with the toilet, very few people will go to dig. Emotional waste should also learn to bypass, less to churn, that also will be cut. Tend to be more get more smelly, ha ha.

the world will always be better and better, the human in the evolutionary progress, Internet rumors, slander, too. Now the state is also very normal, less to churn, nausea will be less.