Mr. Ma was elected The Times character again Make great efforts to protect the environment

on April 24, the magazine announced the 2014 annual one hundred most influential people list, alibaba group founder jack ma again. In 2009, the ma as a famous Chinese entrepreneur IT was shortlisted for the one hundred most influential people.

for jack ma, the selected, time magazine evaluation: “ jack ma, is China’s iconic figure into the digital era. In 1999, the the English teacher and his 18 arhats in an apartment in hangzhou founded the alibaba. their a move that has changed the Chinese way of shopping. is the Chinese e-commerce giant alibaba, retail business covers about four 5 of the network traffic. Its main shopping website: goods in taobao and day the cat is much larger than the amazon. Like Google, taobao has become a verb: buy a new suit of clothes or a mobile phone? Go to taobao!”

The Times that Mr. Ma’s efforts in environmental protection is that he was the more important reason for this. since ma last year the nature conservancy, President of the council of China has been committed to protecting the environment. Time magazine quoted Mr. Ma wrote, “is absolutely not a environmental problems can wait for the problem.”

on April 25, announced two of alibaba founder jack ma and Mr. Tsai, will be set up individual public trust fund, the fund comes from two personal options held by alibaba group, the overall scale for ali group, 2% of the total equity. The fund will focus on education, health care, environmental and cultural field, the region involved in mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas. they hope that through the public trust fund, with alibaba group, the existing public welfare fund, make more contribution to public welfare undertakings.

it is influenced by ma consistent public welfare concept, has set up 15 years of alibaba group input has been sparing no effort in public welfare undertakings. In 2012, the alibaba group commitment, take out three over one thousand of the total amount of revenue each year, into alibaba public welfare funds, to encourage people to raise awareness of environmental protection. the foundation run by alibaba group employees and social volunteers, focus for water and air. Since its founding, ali public foundation has been successfully carried out multiple projects, multiple areas of environmental protection and local ngos also from ali group received many support .

since 2004, time magazine once in each “global top one hundred most shadow ring force people” list, according to the leader and revolutionaries (Leaders & amp; The Revolutionaries), builders and giant (Builde rs & amp; Titans), Artists and entertainers (Artists & amp; Entertainers), scientists and thinkers (Scientis ts & amp; Thinkers), hero and symbol era (Heroes & amp; The Icons), select the global leading in all walks of life of the one hundred most influential people.