My first experience with Tuenti

For some time now they sent me an invitation to participate in this social network ¬ŅUniversitaria? that has spread like a plague at least because of “my zone”.

At first I have to admit that I was a little reluctant, I did not have tuenti-friends and nobody wrote to me ūüôĀ but over time I discovered the real purpose of the “networks of friends”.

More than that name I would define them as “networks to catch” because 80% of people enter for that, another 10% to play dumb and insult and the rest to look for friends … but for future rubbing.

A sodom and gomorrah on the internet? Well, yes, as it was the profiles of msn before they blocked strangers or the thousands and thousands of pages of contacts that exist in the network, some will call me a liar, others will insult me ‚Äč‚Äč… and there is many people hooked to this phenomenon, but to the evidence I refer, try to create an account and put a picture of a good aunt, you will see the one that you will have to endure xDD that yes, in two days you will have more than 100 friends.

Starting from being a Myspace and smaller with fewer options, the programming of the site is quite successful (it is still in beta) are missing some aspects to be polished but with the sure time that they will be doing it, I had read that some “big” had bet on tuenti, even Bernardo, and this guy where he puts his eye …

What most tires me is having to give continuously to start to see if I have new comments or actions, I think if they update it with ajax (like email in gmail) my finger would appreciate it and what I still do not understand is if I 20 friends do not give a coarse .. those who have 400?

Of course, a chat for tuenti would be the last straw to end up hooking thousands of people;)

I will continue dropping there from time to time, and by the way if someone does not have an invitation yet and wants to prove it, I still have 5.

Today seeing “I know what you did …” I’ve seen a very curious video of a little character interviewed in street and what is my surprise that visiting yonkis they had it on !!!

The hell of it is that after everything he does, he tells them not to go there because there are very dangerous people


A few days ago he left … I do not know the reasons but now if I’m alone, I do not have any friends in the blogosphere, I had 3 .. and the 3 are gone.

First it was Morao, who is more vague … little lasted the blog, then Kali, who has gone around the world and we can continue from his new blog albertodepaseo and now Hatshepsut.

I knew that I had problems with someone and that although I tried to change blog I found it again, hopefully I opened another one somewhere and that we all do not know …

Just today … they have discovered the mummy of Hatshepsut is not here to celebrate.