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the Internet recruitment, touch the entrepreneurs should be the first to change ideas in the field of a group of people. Traditional model of recruitment and executive search in disconnect, new the rise of a large number of innovators in gradually to rewrite the rules.

as the current situation, search for scarce talent, is simply hide behind . Easychen, sina in and out of the two, also calculate twice, sina technology for 3 years, 4 years. To describe him as the only technology entrepreneurs to or products are not suitable. Think of the right word, I never go to tangle. Is chat, he said business has a lot of fun, each stage can learn good things.

his new venture deer, projects for the auction to do recruitment. Products are just operating. After also have a startup project, “resume” is a technical job of C2C direct investment mode. Products in the circle of programmers developed early word-of-mouth . New products have the deer to say the biggest characteristic is his outstanding practitioners for agent, every outstanding person once he had been the focus show a chance, to apply for a job is the seller’s market, ~ of deer to maximize the talent information to accurate safety transmission. At the same time talents have more options .

deer’s process is like this, now only accept four class post a resume, technology, designers, product managers, operations. job seekers need to satisfy two years work experience (outstanding DMS officer). After meet, have to do is upload a resume, need not registered, don’t need to fill in other information. Resume expression not over, it doesn’t matter. Race deer his advisers will help users to review and give help to improve. By the way will have a interview questions to answer user . Confirmed by the user to verify and deer will be pushed to the recruiter anonymous user resume. When party a “bid”, the user will receive a notification accordingly. Then the user’s own choose from “auction” party interested in the company, after the user agrees to party a can see contact, both sides talks things over to talk, to complete the interview. At this point, the recruitment process.

easychen said race deer at present is to serve the excellent talents. It is difficult to define. They walk process is also very strict, because it is just running soon, candidate side upload dozens of resumes every day, but being a deer select 2-3 people every day. The rest will be recommended to quickly resume direct investment. But the candidates to participate in the auction, on average per person upon receipt for the request of detailed resume in 10, enterprise interview is 5. And all users have a return visit, normally there is follow-up to the interview.

to job seekers, is not only a chance to enjoy a display stand in the spotlight, was “auction” at a time. more important deer could provide job security service. Customer most on-the-job ~ of deer, so must risk minimum recommended way, choose more. So all recommended data are anonymous, both sides agree to look at specific information. Users don’t have to be afraid of a resume is buying and selling, is unknown.

this is competing deer closed, they a paragraph: “why can’t have a way of recruiting, need not CXO and HR to send job Posting, after primary talent is continuously sent to the front, and they just need to decide whether to or not?

we decided to try a pair of, we will be closed in June a new product, the if we are successful, it will put the recruitment experience to a new height; If it fails, it is the normal startup – we will try various ways to make it success “.

industry can not only hold don’t kill, also as easychen said, there are a bit, retractor is someone still don’t get the difference between network and competitive deer, a more partial instead of Internet practitioners, a more experienced Internet practitioners. If people can finally on brand can distinguish the difference, the efforts to reverse the Internet people’s cognitive should not be too hard. is a rare really respect the industry practitioners, business recruitment only play, always wrong flavor, lack what point that is emerging in the exploration of .

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