Nest cattle to decorate, lazy people decorate a weapon

if it weren’t for see fossa decorate prompt update, I also think it really just share other people’s house after decorating the aesthetic image of the application. This time step more updates, directly do the decoration industry closed loop. tools to real O2O, said said .

need to explain here, but now the nest of cattle to decorate a version in the APP is called snail directly, belong to the fence information technology development, also is the place in Shanghai is very famous website fence, has been the media model for vertical when local communities and material. The latest news is by the state Internet information office and other three department was shut down for spreading rumours information consolidation. Until now also can access through, normal (wap).

why want to mention this matter, because xiao yun to found, litter of cattle decoration company by previous fence information technology into the spirit of Shanghai flower information technology .

in accordance with the professional relationship, xiao yun by the way, could you download to experience the fence mesh mobile client, apply the latest update time is in July 2013, perhaps the fence of the user on the PC, but the mobile end, fence mesh is behind The Times.

well, tell me something about the product. A simple introduction, litter cattle decorating is a mobile phone application, decorate a design to provide designers decoration works to share, and to provide guide in all goods. Users could finish high quality one-stop easily decorate demand .

in the nest of cattle, different designers to share high quality decoration works, with fine large show, selected works of all described by the designer himself, including their design concept, decorate a style, etc. Each work has the image of stylist, could see the point in designer more work, and also equipped with designer telephone, the user can call direct communication and the designer.

one of the biggest differences with other decorate class APP litter bull decoration on each piece of design work can be directly in the application of the collocation of goods to buy, to eliminate the user move after looking for trouble, from show to buy, complete the closed-loop .

in addition to buy separately, litter of cattle decorate also provide turnkey construction scheme. Support the whole home decoration works, namely the user demands, alternative. Over all other matters of all kinds of designer, and nest cattle will help users from decorate a style to decorate furniture choice such as all kinds of things all done, and provide favorable group purchase price. (forthcoming)

in addition to these, den cattle decorate also provide application room deposit payment function, after the success of the appointment, contractor will call the door quantity room within 24 hours of time. Scheme will by the designers and construction units of a complete set of optimization, the compression budget, material adopt high quality and low price brand, converted into package price, bill of materials will be clear at a glance. is very suitable for the first time of young people with no experience in decoration .

overall, this is a single point of application, decorate in maximum solves the new learning in decorating a process cost and trust . Designers from cattle litter repair, repair goods also offer package deals, and a single commodity support individually. In decorating a chain, litter cattle from start to finish decorating scored the whole closed-loop, grasp the most core designer resources . Hope in the future, the other can also be so convenient services.

litter cattle decorate

company: Shanghai spirit flower information technology co., LTD.


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