Net friend bet against the hammer mobile: such as Mr Luo joke?

hammer technology’s founder said, due to the low yield, hammer mobile Smartisan T1 issue on shipments of not more than 1000 units. After the media reported the news has triggered intense ridicule of Internet users.

China’s biggest web portal sina science and technology reported that Mr Luo hammer mobile launch on shipments after news of not more than 1000 units, the net friend comment on the news is almost one-sided, have been bad-mouthing hammer mobile phones.

as shown, the hammer mobile phones into the swirl is predicting one-sided opinion. Jiangsu sharp comments on: a netizen predictable result is that mobile phone a lot of problem, after-sale didn’t keep up with the last group of the headquarters with a hammer hammer hammer.

however, such a negative, also can not help but let cloud network hunting edit your doubt, whether there was water army.

in addition to the first cell phone Numbers, Mr Luo said, as foxconn production line adjustment to the ideal state, Smartisan T1 nissan will reach 1800 units, monthly production of about 45000 units. In fact, as a high-profile brand hype up, hammer movements have become the focus of the industry. As for, the hammer mobile phone how, before consumers actually use, not to jump to conclusions.