Netease announced acting blizzard MOBA masterpiece “storm hero”

hunting cloud network on April 22

blizzard MOBA masterpiece “Storm hero” the clothes of agency for official confirmation, netease and blizzard announced that blizzard entertainment will “Storm hero” (” Heroes of the Storm “) in mainland China exclusive rights, officially awarded netease its associated companies, for three years.

“storm hero” blizzard launched a new online game team, offer the blizzard entertainment game for more than 20 years history of iconic hero. Players will be able to choose to use the warcraft, starcraft, and three of the “diablo” game series one of the most popular game characters, team challenge other online with friends.

game will provide a different style of the battlefield, each field has a number of different target tasks, these targets will also be in a unique way affect the player’s strategy choice. In addition, players can use in-game skin to customize their operations by the hero role, special mounts can help players get faster speed on the battlefield.

the storm hero is blizzard and netease company in 2008 to open cooperation, hand in hand with the introduction of China’s 4 blizzard games. At present, netease agent has world of warcraft, starcraft II, “the legend of BFS: heroes of warcraft 3 online game, and diablo game platform service.

at present, the storm hero “Chinese official website ( has been officially launched, and open the server closed the application for registration of China. About the storm hero “China’s private server for more details, such as open time, will be announced later.