Netease announced the formal agent blizzard “diablo III?”

on July 14, hunting cloud network news

netease and blizzard entertainment companies in the United States announced that blizzard entertainment has its action role-playing, ARPG game masterpiece – “diablo III?” the exclusive rights of big land area in China officially awarded netease its associated companies. ? This is the “starcraft II”, “world of warcraft? And the tale of BFS? : warcraft heroes? And “the storm hero?” After both sides to introduce China’s fifth blizzard game products.

“diablo III” for the diablo series epic grand story line, the player will set foot on the hero’s journey, and will place of refuge from the army from the flames of hell diablo’s evil hands. Players will embark on adventures in a variety of Settings, and hordes of monsters and challenging, the leader of the accumulation of experience in the battle and improving ability, and epic items with extraordinary strength.

“we are very excited to welcome the enthusiasm of the countless from mainland China players to safe place!” Critical blizzard entertainment, co-founder and chief executive Michael mohan (Mike Morhaime) said, “thank you for years, the Chinese players are always give our support, wish them in the” diablo III “enjoy the fun!”

“we are very excited, after years of effort, is about to bring all the five game series of blizzard’s Chinese players!” Netease CEO ding lei says, “netease and blizzard, the team will continue to work closely, for the smooth release” diablo III “ready to let Chinese players start as soon as possible on this epic adventure.”

the dark black III destroy god in the beginning of 2012, has been set by the world’s bestselling records: sell first 24 hours, “diablo III” more than 3.5 million copies sold; Release a week later, a record 6.3 million copies sold surplus continues to *. To date, “diablo III” has more than 15 million copies sold in cross-platform *. As the Chinese players will soon arrived at the place of refuge, the evil force is destined to accept a new justice system cut!