Netflix tell video sites: where there is life, there is money more than!

if you want to ask now video website (or streaming video services) who will do the best, who is more promising? So if anyone familiar with the Internet industry of people will tell you a name: Netflix. However, even on revenues soar Netflix also said that money can’t keep up with the speed of the speed of the burn.

according to the latest Netflix, according to data released 2014 Q1 revenue of $1.07 billion, the company synchronous rose 10% last year. In addition, the company net income surged to $53 million, only $3 million over the same period last year. However, the company is still losing money, from $7700 in the first quarter of last year fell to $35 million. Netflix full confidence that they will be profitable by the end of this year.

however, in a good situation, the company also announced today a let users slightly feeling “disappointing” decision: future Netflix will pay more for new subscribers a month 1 or 2 dollars. It is understood that the current Netflix members need to pay $7.99 per month (and other different packages).

Netflix official explained that they were to increase the membership fee, is to build, buy more and better video content. In addition, the money will also ensure that they can provide more stable and faster streaming video. This means that, even if is a very good development momentum Netflix also need to constantly burn in the field of content. Therefore, no money, no who don’t intend to mixed up in the network video industry.

the reason why Netflix can stand out, largely due to the following three factors:

in the first place, the video industry is still the basis of content, Netflix has rich and high quality content. Especially in the last year the launch of the “house of CARDS” and so on homemade play, let it won numerous awards in the user’s favorite and industry (nominated).

second, video website present form is very important. Netflix, the precision of recommendation algorithm and scientific content recommendation form, is also important to the success of fulcrum.

again, rapid and stable service. Netflix and comcast cable TV, broadband providers such as signed a controversial agreement on the protection of “speed”, but it ensures that the speed of the user to watch the video. In addition based on amazon’s cloud service infrastructure, has carried on the proper adjustment, ensure the stability of the Christmas season family to watch the video.

video industry, want to have a rich as needed, content and reasonable technical support. These three points, be short of one cannot.