Network video incarnations: BA has enclosure, tencent variables

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the people today can watch easily through all kinds of terminal network video anytime and anywhere, and it is not easy to do this a few years ago, less than 10 years’ experience with a network video has changed: youku tudou merger, baidu and acquisition of PPS iQIYI Letv emerged out ali in youku potatoes, zhang return push sohu video, cool 6, 56, thunder, storm video, fast information, such as a back away from the main camp… As previously speculated that video business from the warring states period regime back to the BAT of the ultimate origin of the Chinese Internet, at the moment BAT is on video this Time Killer storm.

UGC, BT download, and become a thing of the past to pirate

Google 06 to $1.65 billion for Youtube, web is popular. In China is a large number of followers, cool six, 56 and potatoes all want to UGC video copy to China, back to pay top dollar for “6. Cn domain name is” let a person remember, the old portal sohu and sina launched almost at the same time main channel share video podcasts.

unfortunately, none of the video website on UGC success, instead, is to buy the copyright, PGC and timely transformation of user-generated content video website success, youku, potatoes, sohu is representative. In the past few years, Chinese users, is generally not a good video recording equipment, no fluent uplink bandwidth, it bring inconvenience, video sharing PGC and modes of copyright content.

there are three types of players is the backbone of the video industry. One kind is owned by the traditional network television, film and television player, such as CNTV, mango TV, TV and their agents, in the future, etc; Another kind is from tool yan into the content of the players, the storm video, PPTV, PPS, thunderbolt and fast information all belong to such, some successful ashore, some accidentally wet shoes, and trying to bleach; The last category, is baidu video search aggregation platform, itself does not produce content, but the aggregation of various resources.

was very important for Internet users BT download has been scrapped. In optical fiber bandwidth increasing popularity, WIFI linger, 4 g acceleration arrives, bandwidth is no longer so scarce, people can get more clear and fluent video content. Bandwidth provides conditions for hd content popularity, and copyright incompatible BT download gradually exits, plus has a strong sense of rights proprietors, creates opportunities for video genuine. Video websites are harvest from crazy burn into the model, content of upstream naturally want a slice of this action. In the Internet video on traditional film and television ecological destruction, copyright be traditional players last the yugoslav capital. For users, watch the content of free good times in the past.

UGC, BT download and piracy is becoming past video industry.

video industry staged a BAT in The Three Kingdoms kill

BAT again play up the reaper. In April this year, ali in youku potatoes after let it become a part of the ali cultural landscape, so far, the general situation is set, the network video industry in China is still a BAT.

baidu: get up early catch set

video business giants baidu is the first layout. Online video search in 07 years, 10 years officially launched iQIYI video site. For the mobile age, 2011 online video App, baidu baidu last year to $370 million for PPS with iQIYI together.

iQIYI has been in a variety of occasions and youku potatoes form positive competition, different dimension index is pointed out that iQIYI and youku potatoes is currently China’s video website lead the eldest brother. According to public figures, baidu video App cumulative number of users has reached 200 million. Hardware business, the launch of baidu shadow sticks, love in the cooperation with TCL TV + Internet TV is for the living room powerful products for users.

and other video sites focus solely on the content is different, in addition to the creation of love in the baidu, and aggregation entire network video resources of baidu video, the video on top of the user’s entry, the entire network user data also laid a solid foundation for its technological innovation. With large baidu video data support, love, art for an edge in the decision-making of the content, let its make a star you got rich.

but when iQIYI independent public will become baidu key variables in the field of video.


layout comprehensive difficult in after-hours

mobile era ali are trying to find new point of contact with users, mobile phones and video business as a new business of the sitting room is wide net ali phase is not surprising. Jack ma said publicly that the entertainment culture is one of the focus of China’s economic future.

at the content level, ma huayi China personal investment, joint control of the cloud with shi yuzhu fund investment TV content giant TV, ali has large stakes in the film and television culture in China; Last year at the hardware level, ali cloud established intelligent led TV alliance, and launch day cat magic box; Youku potatoes on the site, ali just investment shows video has become an integral part of the ali landscape, takeover bid for sina rumor that video is not a day two days already.

ali heavy attack video, jack ma, I want to be the personal interest of cultural industry. More or ali the considering of the electricity business, video business really can bring some traffic and data to ali, but ali really thinking, is not willing to miss any a feast of the Internet, with its status as a “buy all of China’s Internet of matching. Out of electricity, and then out of the Internet allows ali’s boundary is infinite.

the lion’s share of the overall layout and youku potatoes, but ali is a layman in the field of video, the difficulty lies in how to revitalize its video resources, entertainment is trying to treasure. Video advertising and value-added services industry is mature, ali no genes, whether it can adapt to the new game is hard to say.

tencent: the most weak and maximum variable

tencent video was launched in 2011, after QQLIVE and QQ video obscure. How the game is tencent’s consistent style. Responsible for tencent video business executives chun-ning liu to ali greatly affected the tencent video business, angry tencent even huge lawsuits against Mr Liu. But the departure of liu also reflects the tencent video business development met with some difficulties in the process. Up to now, tencent video through WeChat, tencent, and pushing the client resources such as tencent news, but not on video content strategy formation and baidu, ali, sohu or visual matching routine.

The weakness of the

now does not mean weak all the time. There are two key variables to tencent video still have a chance in the future.

it is through the sogou, tencent and sohu has formed a strong ally, the next video of tencent and sohu video approach is a natural thing.

2 is strong growth in the video industry upstart Letv. Letv through copyright strategy and Internet TV this two lines in each other, is becoming the new force of the video industry in China. Recently had a stake in 360 Letv rumors, and the latest news is, tencent’s part in the process of bidding disrupted tencent marriage Letv or again in 360 for the old stories of sogou, picked himself up video business packing replacement.

tencent video in the future can enter the video in the first camp, also depends on Letv and sohu video belongs.

overall, video business since warlords and evolved into three giant BAT, entrepreneurs to death of death, injury, sell, sell, don’t have a lot of the strong. For huge bandwidth consumption and copyright, profit model based on the size of the user’s video business, finally to BAT is inevitable result, not every company can cook up money.

in the future: more screen, integration and new mode

the latest CNNIC, according to a report by the end of 2013 China network video user scale for 428 million, permeability is 69.3%, there is room for growth; Mobile video users was $247 million, compared with the end of 2012 rose by 112 million, the growth rate as high as 83.8%, less than 50%, permeability space is huge. Optical fiber acceleration of popularity and smart TV, WIFI, prosperity, and help the Internet video grab to eat home sitting room time. 4 g network rapid popularization, smart phones, further development, let users can convenient consumer video content in pieces of time.

next, network video several big trend is:

1, the screen, each user will have or share multiple screens. PC, mobile phone, PAD, television, and even “projector”. These devices allow users to sync consumer video content. Therefore, the network video of the future will belong to the PC, mobile, TV has the layout of the player, baidu, ali and go ahead.

2, integration: as the rise of new hardware, TV box, smart TV, intelligent projector products emerge in endlessly. The winner will surely is the integration of equipment, software and content integration of players together. This will bring the best experience and form a barrier. For example, Letv play 4 k, because it has 4 k content production capacity and drive form ecological industry. Such integration will be the future focus in the field of video, for most video players, to achieve the integration of is nothing but two things: sinking to the hardware, the upstream to the content.

3, structured, unstructured streaming data to the video content of digging, search, management and consumption are great difficulties, under the existing technical level machine can’t understand the video content. With the image recognition, video processing and the development of deep learning technology, video data must be structured in the future. Baidu video for video search problem (only support the few fields, such as title, description, retrieval), has been through video labeled, and effectively solve the video voice recognition and other way, such as user “a movie about aliens”, as long as the search baidu will automatically will all alien subject related films by category. And Google by machine group set up the artificial neural network, can from massive Youtube video in autonomous learned to identify a cat face, just, the head of this technology Wu En up to now as baidu’s chief scientist. Video is of photos (frame) and the collection of sound, structured is not empty talk, structured means that new applications.

4, a new model: PC video business model is advertising, choice, copyright weak lead to more value-added services mistrusts, many video sites are the unmanageable to massive inferior greatly reduced advertising experience. Maxthon filter video advertising is catch the pain points, but a video website. But user requirements is always the truth, the low-quality of advertisement will not become normal video industry, thanks to the mobile and the living room, some of the new video commercial pattern is taking shape.

(1) the value-added mode will be popular. Joy and love is in the representative, only paying customers can enjoy high-definition exclusive copyright content, and the content is not found in other places, users’ willingness to pay are being raised.

(2) after the distribution channels to do the business. When accumulated a certain amount of application of installed capacity or equipment ownership, they form a powerful video and entertainment distribution channels. This time can carry out star broker, films and other new business. Letv introduction of zhang yimou, the establishment of Letv lay a foundation for such a model.

(3) the traditional advertising is on the way out. Overrun the video patch ads, word chain and suspend advertising network video experience lags far behind the digital television, the new technology will eliminate the spam. Combined with content of video advertising into a big trend, some video itself will have is a part of marketing, such as “never expected” series video; A greater chance of advertising is to big data, baidu video using data mining technology depth after portrait can refine the audience, precision, advertising, avoid interference with the user.

bandwidth, 4 g, terminal and the content is the development of video business is like a runaway horse, fast pentium. A BAT this video in the enclosure, baidu has a first-mover advantage, and whether the love in the public and how the technology advantage of baidu video into commercial effect; Ali comprehensive layout, the key is the resources, revitalize chun-ning liu challenge is increasing; Letv and sohu video or will be the last chance of tencent, but Jia Yueting and Charles are on video is full of ambition, tencent video want to fusion could be a big problem.

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