New “attacks”

I read genbeta that new malware has appeared on the Internet.

Trend Micro tells us about two new types of attacks related to the new features that most browsers incorporate.

The first of them is Tabjacking, which uses tabbed browsing to use some of them to show advertising, making it also persistent, that is, it stays between sessions when opening and closing the browser.

The other type of attack is Searchbox Stealing, which consists of adding search engines to the search box of the browser and using them by default, so that false results are shown when searching from it.

For now it does not seem that these attacks are very extended, but better to be attentive to them, because it would not be surprising that we would soon find them running through the network.

Zaragoza City Council migrates to linux

The city of Zaragoza will save a million euros a year by migrating all its windows systems to Linux.

The migration process will be completed by the end of 2008.
The complete news you can read in baquia.

Problems with library software

As we can read in the country, a good one has been assembled with the new software implemented in Madrid’s libraries:

After more than three years of preparation and eight months in operation, the computer program that manages the cataloging of the books of the municipal libraries of the capital still does not work. The Estela, which replaced the Syrtex in June 2006 and was designed by Software AG, has left a trail of thousands of books accumulated in the central warehouse. “Now it starts to work, but it keeps hanging all the time. It’s a continuous nuisance, “says an employee at a library who does not want to reveal his identity.

Advanced Linux Programming

Linux Programming “you can find a link to all the chapters of the book here.

The truth is that it has come to me of pearls to throw an eye to him to some chapters of programming of processes, since this year in the subject of Design of Operative Systems we used much programming on linux, and the truth that documentation on specific aspects in Internet. It is not that I have found much.

Available in PDF format (Open Publication License) and source code (GPL) and at the moment there is no translation into Spanish :-p but everything is understood wonderfully.

Now I will continue with the practice of OS that must be delivered on Monday and at this step .. I choke all, todita, all xD

A former employee sued IBM for addiction to the Network

James Pacenza was fired from IBM for spending many hours visiting adult sites, and now he has sued the company, asking him to compensate him with 5 million dollars.

Pacenza alleges that he suffers Internet addiction, so he could not stop visiting adult chats during his work hours. In his opinion, what he needed was to receive a treatment, not to be thrown out.

According to his lawyer, the former worker of the Blue Giant never visited pornographic sites during the working day, so he did not violate any company regulations.

However, sources of the company said that its policy against surfing the Internet on websites for adults is very clear, and that Pacenza was notified four months before his behavior before firing him definitively, something that the plaintiff denies.

Pacenza also claims that other workers have received much less severe treatment and that IBM should compensate him for not helping him overcome his addiction to the Network.

Your Windows programs on Linux

One of the things that people go to linux misses, are some programs that have been using for years and have no counterpart in the free operating system.

Some time ago I read of some possibilities to be able to use these programs from a Linux distribution and the one I liked the most was wine (known free implementation of the Windows API for GNU / Linux.), But when trying to test it with some programs, its result It was not the expected one.

Today I found out that a new version of Wine has come out, the 0.9.31, which can be downloaded from the mirror. The main novelties in this new version are:

  • Some errors in Direct3D have been fixed and some performance improvements have been made.
  • New test cases for comctl32.
  • More fixes in OLE32.
  • Improvements in the IDL compiler.
  • Numerous bugs fixed.

You can read the whole, from the official Wine website.