New hardware it is actually the focus is on hardware software user viscosity

on May 6, hunting cloud network

in the Internet industry over the past two years, the new hardware is a hot stuff, with ali, baidu, millet, 360, shanda these Internet giants such as play, there are all kinds of new hardware entrepreneurs, a guest salon. All of this in a moment of millet success, detonated to the fullest.

since millet mobile Internet success, whether the Internet giant is still in early stage start-ups, are intended to create a new popular hardware, so as to move the original market pattern, pie.

but new hardware exactly is what, what kind of new hardware will get market favor? What kind of new hardware has more future development? This is the Internet many bosses, hardware, entrepreneurs, racking my brains is thinking about things.

The purpose of the

new hardware is to improve the user viscosity

at the beginning of the new hardware development, the purpose is very clear: through hardware promote their Internet products, so as to improve the stickiness of our software products, in case after the product form the magnitude scale, rely on value-added services to get more profits.

as a result, in the beginning of a new hardware design, we need to consider the first problem is the user viscosity, any other question can be dragged as far as possible, including hardware profits should not be above the user viscosity.

and the core problem of the stickiness is the software user experience. If the software user experience is not good enough, even if the hardware sells better, also can be to fit other software user is equivalent to for others to do the bottom drawer.

, new hardware starting point is to use hardware to implement the software is difficult to achieve or realize the function of the result is bad, by using the method of software and hardware combination brings to the user a better user experience, thus improving reverse user viscosity.

price and function become the key to winning

since the aim of the new hardware is in order to improve the stickiness of the software, then the popularization has become the key problem. Which might affect the spread of the biggest problems is the price and function.

cheap now, simple function of new hardware became a mainstream popular products , like 360 wifi, children’s bracelet this category, is heavily influenced by the market. But the new hardware and actually in the other direction, that is muti_function, cost-effective products .

cheap, functional, simple, easy to promote the cause of the product: he is too cheap, so that people don’t care the cost. But because of his simple function, and his subsequent upgrade driving force is not big, very easy, has the obvious timeliness.

, by contrast, convergent function, cost-effective new hardware is obviously more potential. But because of the aggregation function must have technical difficulty, is the user experience of software to optimize the cycle is very long, makes the new hardware on the price and experience are hard to get. So much time to popularize. Like TV box, intelligent routing.

after a long-term accumulation of technology, the function convergent new hardware is bound to get bigger than new hardware accessories properties of influence. They will be based on the original scattered must hardware products, for the price of users imperceptibly, provide better service function.

new hardware has huge potential, need to pay more attention to market promotion

to hardware as the carrier of Internet product, he has the incomparable advantages in terms of user viscosity. Rooted in the hardware on the Internet product, is likely to overturn the existing pattern of the Internet, millet is one of the very good example.

under the technology development and promotion of the parties, the future of new hardware will like smart phones, form a new platform for the pipeline, for the user to create a different experience.

but this all need further mature technology and ecology. Technically, each team can work overtime, this morning to realize the best experience for everyone.

but in ecological, requires constant attention and confidence, only in this way can continue to promote the capital input, just can use various methods to various user groups, the fastest speed stages, create a better ecological, let them from dream into reality.