New pattern of China’s Internet looms: 3 l vs BAT

author: Cao Zengguang

the Internet is very busy recently, weibo, cheetah, gather beauty is superior after IPO, and behind the jingdong, ali, a string of standing in line waiting for; BAT’s big three, tencent, baidu, ali take turns a shopping spree. China’s Internet appears to be to the pattern of monopoly, some worry that there are only three camp BAT in the future. The future will not be so cruel? Not necessarily! Combing the competition pattern of the Internet, found that “3 l” hidden camp is worthy of attention, and have formed “3 l vs. BAT”.

what is a “3 l”? 360, lei jun (L), Letv (L) and liu jingdong (L), “3 L vs. BAT” is used to be a Table (tencent, baidu, millet, ali, 360) bureau of the upgrade. The Internet has been a dynamic, round the noise will be gradient pattern. BAT to search, electricity, social for the entrance of mergers and acquisitions, investment, the nation, but want to bite to swallow the Chinese Internet is impossible task, “3 l” is the BAT shadow grows second-tier players, is seeking opportunity to superior and BAT to a race.

this conclusion is not a fantasy. Internet industry there has always been the three forces: one is the so-called three giant BAT, rule out of the past, now the site cross together, competition has a bayonet see red; 2 it is to have an advantage in the field of single and accumulation of enterprise, the list is very long, video, electric business, service life, travel, one vote, but after last year to the present a disorderly eat, collected reform has been basically completed; The last category is the “raw”, also can saying is “giant”, “3 l” belongs to this category, they are also the present Internet circles the biggest variable.

“3 l” power parade

do better to do a single application platform, platform than playing with ecological, which in the present more and more correctly. If you want to have with the BAT rival ability, ecological, must do “3 l” is a common feature in ecological layout, leader, relative to the takeover of the players have more landscape view.

watch 360, le, millet, jingdong can glimpse the game. These companies have maintained a relatively independent development, with its own calculations, not easily reform to BAT either party, because they have greater ambitions, with BAT levels. Might as well on the “3 l” under the various strength analysis.

360 by selling business flow, was brutally isolated after missing the pattern of the big battle, but through the “browser security + + search” three-stage rocket model, also in training the user system and user habits. Although zhou recently announced that he would not carry and giant’s death, however, such a man who knows how to “static” zhou, zhou more than killing “in Buddhism” terrible. In addition to the three-stage rocket, to be sure, 360 will be around security and mobile. On the one hand, through increased competition in the field of safety barriers, continue to play fast, expand their base areas, from the PC, mobile phone to children’s safety, health and safety, food safety, and other areas of the more niche to reproduce; On the other hand, on the 360 mobile phone assistant, mobile search, a place in mobile portal.

in hubei province are the same people who, but even more than zhou lei jun momentum over the past two years. Millet 2012 tax sales income is 12.65 billion yuan; In 2013, 31.6 billion, of which 18.7 million sets of mobile phone sales; 2014 projected sales number 2014, total sales income is 80 billion yuan of above. These simple powerful digital, is enough. Terror is more than Numbers, however, millet redefined products, users, and sales. Millet strategy is to rapidly get the user in the mobile terminal, and try to make the user fan, thereby piece fans of the economy. On the concrete practice, millet by transverse product line expansion, from cell phones, boxes, routers, smart TV to new release tablets, but recently found that the content and application is short, only hardware is not safe, nor a closed-loop ecological, so begin to take a stake in xunlei, marriage sogou, app store and run millet, draw lessons from to start a visual vertical industry chain integration.

also is liu’s success. Its success not only milk tea MM, hand in hand and built jingdong, will also be listed on tonight, valuations are estimated at more than $200. In fact, jingdong is essentially a retail company, and therefore jingdong besides attaches great importance to supply chain management, after many years of accumulation, self-built logistics became its ace assassin’s mace. On the specific business, jingdong by a single category electric ShangChengGong expand category electricity for the whole chain integration, and gradually extended to O2O, Internet many hot areas such as finance, intelligent hardware, but can insist on independent development, to BAT to gobble up to also want to see liu insist on landscape view.

although the other three are in their own field of core has a great voice, and even is the absolute leading edge, but the fastest growth in 3 l of view, and most worthy of study. Letv first suggested ecological strategy, from the platform, content, intelligent terminal to the application, has realized the entire industrial chain cover and complete user operation completed. Although the last two years has been low key, but the recent attention to by more knowledgeable of the personage inside course of study, from the potential for growth has been at the stage of climbing quickly. Third-party data research wyman (AVC) the latest monitoring, according to a report in the first quarter of 2014, Letv TV super television in the industry for 3 months in a row (Q1) keep online sales ranked first. Super TV accounted for 14% in January, February, accounted for 20%, 23% in March, online sales of rising, Q1 total accounted for 19%, the market share of more than 3 s (SONY, sharp, samsung) brand online share three oceans combined. This means that every 5 TV shopping, there is a super TV. From recent iresearch Q1 2014 online advertising TOP15 list view, le networks to 143% growth in the industry first, following the 12th on the scale, beyond the netease, phoenix and other established portal. And iresearch IUT the latest data, according to a report released on April 6th March 31 solstice, Letv mall weeks that covers 9.181 million people, beyond the number one shop, gome and dangdang, in China top 10 ranks seventh in the B2C e-commerce sites. It is worth mentioning that nowadays the most popular of zhang yimou film “return”, by no means will be into the film industry in 2014 the third Letv pictures – this Letv ecological in the content of the “platform + + terminal + application” in the layout of the content on the ring. Le apparent 2 c and 2 b presented the coordinated growth of our business.

in fact, in addition to fight alone, “3 l” may also jointly. Recently it is in the 360 and joy will not walk to arrive together. Cause is 360 by an associated company to subscribe the networks to raise equity. It may be “3 l” looking for some company joint between a temporary alliance against BAT, because the BAT is too powerful, “3 l” tied together to easier to maintain balance.

“3 l” can win a BAT?

to be fair, at the current 3 l impact BAT’s achievements, and change the pattern of the Internet is still a little early, after all, the two camps of the size difference is too big. Millet, for example, on the still stays in the horizontal development of hardware product line to start trying to make vertical industry chain layout stage, the terminal cover tens of millions, application of ecological or short board; Letv vertical industry chain integration of ecology is improved, but only from a complete puzzle strategy towards the hatching and growth; River’s lake in 360 and jingdong status, but is too limited and the single business model, the lack of a bigger layout.

however, 3 l represent the impact of the Internet new forces has kinetic energy, is anyone can’t ignore, loose pattern of China’s Internet has appeared. Music as the Jia Yueting recently released 4 k super TV X50 Air in when stressed that “this release is Le4K ecosystem”, and “in the eyes of the ecological view, the practice of the new economy idea, the energy released by vertical industry chain integration, absolute is immeasurable”.

this speculation, need to clear up a few key battleground for the future of the Internet. Because the decisive is the future, rather than the present. In the future, a bigger than PC, mobile Internet site is what? Is home Internet and Internet of things, on the ground, not giant, BAT is only scattered layout, what’s more, such as tencent is hardly involved. Baidu intelligent hardware alliance, ali, ali cloud like TV and skyworth, eye and ali culture in China recently, to acquire stakes in TV and investment youku video assets, try water box, routers, and other products, is also in the “reference” Letv’s ecology.

why including BAT and “3 l” bosses, bosses have swarmed into here? For the simple reason that the market is the mobile phone, Pad, computer, TV screen, and the system around the user demand together, just the Internet TV may float out of the future market capacity and marketing value, is a astronomical figures, not to mention extends out diversified business model. Who has a say in this field in the future? Le ShiSuan a, millet is one, of course, does not exclude the BAT to the strength of backwardness of capital to the first.

Letv favorite with the content of the “platform + + terminal + applications,” said four plates, vertical industry chain integration, and interpretations of what is, of course, also have indeed. , such as terminal Letv TV online intelligent TV sales in the first quarter as super TV, shouted out the slogan of 1.5 million units in 2014, box, audio and other more rich product mix gradually plump; Content was established depending on the pictures, after “return”, and “old boy”, “death squads 3”, “small age 3”, like “the peaceful round distribution, target sales as high as 3 billion yuan in 2014, le networks into movie channels and began to assume the role of the Internet the first movie marketing platform. At the same time, bought flowers, film and television networks, xiaolong zheng zhou xun version of red sorghum and the accompanying Zhen Huan white biography “Mi month that will continue for the channel TV networks such as copyright and homemade advantages, and to develop more derivatives.

le regard do? I can see you are have their own a set of new economic theory. In summary, this theory is to point to to the ecological strategy, the depth of the video industry vertical industry chain integration, value of each node, in every link to provide value for upstream and downstream participants gain, and the relevance of subdivision industry constantly reproducing samples; At the same time, from the content, the product as the core of running ideas, transferred to the user operation as the core, make the customers both beneficiaries, more become participants, so as to realize the Internet era of crowdsourcing, gen. In the end, the ongoing subversive innovation.

pattern variables see 3 l to

the Internet itself is a difficult market to “rule” for a long time, innovation and variable is always present, so even the BAT live on ice. That’s why even the ma to sigh with emotion, “the giant fell, the body is warm”, “to think of it without micro letter, after the meeting was scared into a cold sweat”.

if the history, then BAT invariable pattern will be broken, as ChengDaJu card to sina acquisition, focus jiang resonate with many in the industry, now has fade away. Similar characters and zhang, Chen tianqiao, shi yuzhu, etc.

“3 l” hit “gun pick one straight line” brand, BAT “stick and a large” the game could take that, crack? “3 l vs. BAT” that is where the mystery and variable. Permit others to snoring sleep under the bed, in the BAT’s “lessons” and purchase action, the goal is to kill the growth of “3 l”, but the 3 l the strategy and hard-working flank took another road.

BAT is obvious at first in capital to drive horizontal consolidation. And 360 “browser security + + search” three-stage rocket model, millet needs of prick silk fans of economic development mode, Letv the content of the “platform + + terminal + application” vertical integration mode of industrial chain, jingdong notice “data flow, cash flow, logistics” third-rate extension model, the 3 l once formed in the core industrial chain upstream and downstream of the control, can be in each node to obtain huge commercial interests, subversion or refactoring is possible.

lei jun’s words “don’t lazy with tactical hard cover strategy” is a wake-up call to the BAT camps. So even if ali, also began to reference Letv in strategic level, from the culture of China, TV, youku platter, can see clearly the industrial chain of the trace of vertical integration, but the problem is simple and crude capital m&a how to effectively, seamless business together? “SMG + best regards + popular” in those days is valiant, has turned out to be; Grand + KU6 partnership, has become the example.

success or failure to involve the issue of a time window. BAT has loose opportunity in where? The advent of the era of mobile Internet, home Internet, changed the competition mode, the new economy industry revolutionaries quietly put up ecosystem so a huge architecture, in the vertical industry chain integration road more walk more far, and begin to form scale. Once formed the scale advantage, the 3 l don’t need to find a “who”, not only just about when “andie”, let others to attachment. Really have so a day, then BAT moat surrounded by a broken gap may be.

from the beginning of the BAT, TABLE, and later the ATM Zhou Hongyi mouth, and then to now possible “3 l vs. BAT”, you can see the Internet jianghu no eternal king, “change” became the river’s lake on the characteristics of the only constant. Who can arrange time for, with strategic winner, who is likely to stand at the top of the wave.

Jia Yueting “the development of the industry in the future we think is a ecological system on the ecological system of competition, or a chain to chain competition, rather than under the industrial age competition, point-to-point, who because of ecological system is able to build more perfection, to provide a better user experience, also can better meet the needs of users.” It is not empty talk, but 3 l are practice of actual combat.