NEW Program (No company without website)

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As a sponsored link, I will explain to my way of seeing the NEW program (No Company without Web), which as its name indicates, has the purpose of making small and medium-sized companies, usually the most reluctant to enter the world of the Internet, the jump and get a web page. To understand this program a little, it is necessary to talk about the advance plan promoted by the Ministry of Industry. As we know, Spain is at the tail of Europe in terms of “computer infrastructure” is concerned, Therefore, the main purpose of the plan is to try to update Spain in the development of the information society.

To do this, it will try to promote different fields of action and achieve a significant development in this area in a short period of time.

In this case, the purpose of the NEW program is to encourage the presence of Spanish companies in the network.

Why is it important to have a website?

Nowadays most information queries are made through the network, so not being in this great directory means practically not existing, apart from this, thanks to a web page you will increase your number of potential clients.

What do you offer?

Through contracts with hosting companies, domains and connectivity among others, they can offer in an easy way, a web page appropriate to your company, and only from 65 euros

I do not know anything about web pages

Nothing happens, be part of that base and therefore have created workshops to explain the whole process and advice on how the web should be ideal for your company.

I’m interested, what do I have to do?

If you are interested you will have to move quickly since you will only have until December 31 to sign up for this promotion.

Below I show some of the proposed contact forms from the NEW program page

By telephone: Call the toll-free number 900.22.33.22, to receive information about fast and easy aids and solutions to have an Internet presence immediately, from only 65 euros.

In person: Go to the ‘NEW Program’ days that will be held in your province and in which a group of experts will advise you on the best designs to illustrate your business on the network and for you to have a web page with domain ‘.is’ as soon as possible.

Directly with the collaborators: Enter the web of the collaborating companies of the ‘NEW Program’ to know first-hand the different offers and products offered to the SMEs under the program.

It seems a very interesting and at least competent proposal in terms of web page offers, since the price of the page is not very high compared to what can be found today.

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