New push “magnetic map as a service”, Microsoft is not just to you like Metro

don’t like Windows 8 big piece style? It doesn’t matter, Microsoft is going to make colourful magnetic map become more practical and more interactive. For the new interaction, hunting cloud network editor you are willing to put it into image “magnetic map as a service” style.

it is understood that Microsoft has launched a concept called “interactive magnetic map”. This new interaction is to let the original Windows 8 icon to display more information in the application. More importantly, the user can directly applied on the magnetic map operations. For example, open Outlook point map, we can in the map section of the broaden view all mail in the mail. Click on one of the emails, the user can directly into the message interface, and not apply the main interface in Outlook.

don’t dismiss this change, because this change is not only make you more like Microsoft Metro design style (Modern UI).

it is important to note that the new “interactive magnetic map” design concept will all at the same time login Windows system platform (WP and Windows, also don’t know whether Windows RT). This means, not just the mobility stronger WP series intelligent equipment, the traditional Windows interface in the future will be and Windows mobile system, Microsoft has been pushing for big color piece better fusion style design concept (Metro style).

although we see Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update 1 has to take care of the old user’s feeling, but will move as a future Microsoft has never completely give up his original UI design concept (big piece design style is also true that in some unique advantage). From the three systems (Windows, Windows RT, WP) fully integrated, to the organic unity of different Windows interface equipment, obviously this is the one of Microsoft’s development goals in the mobile space in the future.