New USB virus: even if U disk is formatted, are unable to eradicate.

according to, the two researchers from security agencies, has found a new type of USB virus. The virus does not exist in the USB device in the storage file, but is rooted in the USB device firmware. This means that even if the user the comprehensive formatting on the U disk cleanup, are still unable to “kill” it.

the virus name for “BadUSB”. The malicious program using USB device connected to the PC basic way of existence of loopholes, the malicious code is rooted in the USB firmware. Once PC infected with this virus, it could be implanted “back doors” in the software, and even serious consequences such as DNS pollution.

is not only a U disk, any way via USB connect to PC peripherals, there is the risk of the virus. Connected via USB mode, for example, computer keyboard, mouse, mobile phone and so on.

at present, the researchers also found no effective response. Professional advice, don’t lend distrust people use USB devices, computer and don’t give yourself with external USB device. In other words, the USB device has become a “hypodermic needle”, the most security is limited to their own use.