Nicholas negroponte, who is he?

baidu hundred held the first thebigtalk invited by Nicholas negroponte. As the world’s most famous futurologist, Nicholas negroponte, who is he?

negroponte and most famous is the relationship between China’s Internet, as the first investors invested in zhang, and came to China many times for zhang platform.

this is Nicholas negroponte’s brief introduction:

Nicholas negroponte was born in New York City’s upper east side, is the son of Greek shipowners, in 1961 he attended Connecticut varin ford’s preparatory school: Choate Rosemary Hall (Joe, Rosemary schools, residential private high school), after he plans to enter the Massachusetts institute of technology, special specializing in become a graduate student in computer aided design, and in 1966 at the Massachusetts institute of technology of architecture bachelor’s and master’s degree in the same year he joined at the Massachusetts institute of technology department, after several years in addition to teaching at the Massachusetts institute of technology, also as a visiting professor in Yale university, the university of Michigan and the university of California, Berkeley.

he founded in 1968 at the Massachusetts institute of technology Architecture Machine Group, combining laboratory and think tank to study the new human-computer interaction interface (the human – computer interface). In 1985, he is at the Massachusetts institute of technology media lab, this is for new media to delve into the foresight of computer science laboratory, at the same time is also a high-tech protect, specialized r&d spending on human-computer interaction interface.
In 1992, he to the identity of the minority investors to participate in Wired Magazine founded, in 1993 and 1998, his monthly all contribute to a column in the Magazine, repeating a basic issue, which is his belief that “Move bits, not atoms.”, meaning “from the world of the atom metamorphosis to YuanShiJie”.

Nicholas Negroponte extended his past in Wired column wrote a lot of idea to his most sell books: Being Digital (Digital revolution, 1995), which also contains his famous conjecture: interactive world, entertainment, information, the world will be one in the world. After the seller has also been translated into more than twenty languages to issue. “Being digital” is an introductory book, it describes the digital science and technology for our work, life, education and entertainment of all kinds of shocks, the network also puzzled, this book is the best guide to step into the digital world. In the preface, negroponte open ‘wrote: “not only related to computer calculation, it decided to our survival.” His judgment and prediction of the network society is slowly into a reality.

Nicholas negroponte is introducing the $One hundred laptop (en: $100 laptop) in November 2005, at the world summit on information society in Tunis Tunisia, he shows a special designed for children in developing countries a $100 laptop (also known as: laptop), the school computer program is more broad sweep programs: One laptop Per Child (hereinafter referred to as: the OLPC) part of the nonprofit idea is co-sponsored by the he and the members of the media lab, expect extends the use of the Internet in the development of the country.

in addition, he is also on the board of directors of several companies such as Motorola Motorola, Ambient Devices, etc. At the same time he also invested more than 30 in 30 years of start-ups, such as Zagats, Wired, Ambient Devices, as well as Skype. And in February 2006, when he left the media lab, more focus on the OLPC project.