Nike why dare to abandon the wearable hardware? Ally with apple, since no necessary hardware

last week is big news in the field of intelligent hardware Nike cut Fueband team, can no longer follow-up release products.

but this does not mean that Nike pulled out of the wearable devices. Not making hardware, just because its partners apple better hardware, Nike will focus on software. Nike buy apple so a top partner, Nike apple harvest the top producers provide exclusive software services.

at present, some of the Nike also has an Android version of software, but the soul is regarded as “Nike +” ecological system of Nikefuel doesn’t support Android. This exclusive may increasingly highlight in the future. Want to buy an apple with Nike services, hardware! Nike + apple, together is enough.

apple and Nike has established the long-term friendship


apple CEO cook was discovered by the media to wear Nike Fuelband wearable devices, and cook or Nike members of the board of directors. Nike former friends, of course, is not only a apple, Nike and Microsoft in 2012 launched the Nike + device body feeling game, and jointly launched TomTom GPS watch in 2011. But Nike and apple the most solid friendship. Microsoft Nike + device body feeling game director Jay tourmaline has jumped to apple, TomTom have also launched their own GPS watch.

Nike and apple’s important partners. Carrying on the iPhone 5 s advanced sensor coprocessor M7, it allows the application to invoke a large amount of sensors at the same time without having to open the main processor, greatly save the power consumption. In apple’s official Demo video is a mirror in the Nike + Move, the application and the application of the Nike + Fueband is very similar, just call the iPhone 5 s data itself, without the need for a separate sensor. Of course, Nike + Move just for the iPhone 5 s monopoly.

Nike to digital life track field can be traced back to 2006, Nike + iPod, you can see from the name is working with apple. This product a bit complicated, it consists of several parts, load the pressure sensor in the sports shoes, attached to the widgets on the iPod nano, later also supports the second-generation iPod Touch and iPhone 3 gs, movement track was achieved by the system. IPhone integration gradually more sensors, with little plug-in has no necessary. On iOS now Nike + name seven different applications, of which only a single match hardware, namely Fuelband.

Nike is not yet an Android version Fuelband applications. The official also said in the news bulletin, Nike is no development of the Android version of the program. Although Nike never rule out the possibility of the future, but the reality is that Nike prefer apple hardware. Apple has its own unique advantages, less models, combined with high degree of hard and soft, application developers need not deal with headache fragmentation problem. This advantage is great for Nike, because Android hundreds of device sensors difference is very big, from a variety of brands, each mobile phone producers drive is different. Debugging experience, unified sensor only just can’t bear.

Nike platform, based on apple’s platform


Nike’s original plan was to let third-party developers arg, based on its fitness Tracking system to develop the application data. This is very reasonable, hardware is difficult and expensive, need professional engineer strength, cracking problem of supply chain to produce the right products. Other companies may be a person with a good hardware or data, but I can’t get enough attraction their fame is not big enough. Motion tracking a lot release will be forgotten completely after a few weeks. Nike fame is enough big, and to establish the engineer team. Completes the hardware, and data to provide platform for third-party developers, seems to be a good idea.

although Nike has never been released FuelBand sales, but the whole movement tracking equipment market in 2013 gross about $330 million, and the Nike accounted for only 10% of the share. And the Nike corporation in 2013 revenue in the third quarter alone as much as $7 billion, FuelBand business almost insignificant. If count such as research and development costs, may lay off Fuelband can save more money.

but as the world’s largest sporting goods design company, Nike movements can be drawn attention of the fitness enthusiasts, the input of the marketing effort also caused the attention of the athletes, Nike has received enough large, firm user groups. Rivals such as Strava and MyFitnessPal will be attracted to the NikeFuel based API development and application. Other small application developers can also join in.

alone FuelBand, Nike can’t get enough users. Establish closer cooperation once Nike and apple integrating hard and soft, it can direct access to a large number of users. While apple is captured the world’s largest sports platform, without any other mobile phone brands can match, because apple’s exclusive from the world’s most famous Nike sports goods company to provide services.

Nike exit are the long-simmering hardware field planning


Nike is not overnight decision to quit the hardware manufacturing. Already has suggested more, such as Nike is responsible for the digital movement of VP Steven Olander Fast Company interview are suggested.

when Nike FuelBand SE development, people doubt Nike is to become a technology company. But it is never our aim. We are excited for the product itself, but excited by what it stimulated. It inspire people to go forward with the measured data, as we used to say, no tests, no progress.

last year, Nike CEO Mark Parker at Fast Company meetings also said:

a very important thing is that know what we are good at. We can bring to the smart devices Party? Can’t count on we really go against the sensor field of stylish, the great leap forward development pace.

the apple is good at making delicate, perfect hardware and create a good sales. In the current and future apple devices, will be integrated more sensor technology.

Nike’s strengths is that cool fitness this incident. Whether apple released this year is wearable equipment products, continues to strengthen the function of mobile phone application (for example, the legendary Heathbook), Nike fitness will be the important part of the software.