Nokia help Microsoft to carry the class called body touch control function on the new flagship WP

according to, Microsoft will release a named McLaren this year the latest flagship mobile phones. It is important to note that the device will launch nokia over the years committed to the development of body touch control function. The technology can be liberated in maximum physical control of the user, make the WP no touch device “gesture”.

reports pointed out that this is similar to Microsoft access technique, internally called the 3 d Touch or Real Motion. With built-in sensors, carry the WP, this technology can “understand” the user’s behavior, and determine the user’s intent. The article illustrates several examples for us:

users will phone to the ear, mobile phone automatically connected to the electricity;

users covering the phone’s screen, with the palm phone automatically enters the lock screen to sleep;

user mobile phones on the pocket, cell phone calls automatically hang up, ongoing should enter background mode.

it is clear that the technology of Microsoft hopes to WP thoroughly into a without physical contact, which has greatly smartphone user operation.

interestingly, sources, McLaren is seen as the company’s successor, 1020 also carried a powerful camera.

it is understood that this function will be to belong to the early Microsoft’s own flagship phone, HTC, samsung and other production of WP can’t use this feature. However, the gesture feature isn’t new, samsung, LG and other mobile phone all have the functions (and, of course, nokia earlier). Whether Microsoft is a feature to gain recognition, the key is to be able to do “people have me, optimal I” extreme point.