Nokia job Posting triggered guess or will push the Android machine in the future

although nokia already gave to the Microsoft mobile phone manufacturing and services business, but this does not mean the end of the era of mobile phone manufacturing is complete. Finland’s nokia still owns a number of important patents on mobile phone manufacturing. Previously, nokia also reiterated his desire to manufacture of Windows phone. Now, the company advertised in the professional networking site LinkedIn message seems to imply that it could get Android products to return to the smartphone market.

Microsoft recently announced that the Nokia smartphone will no longer carry the Android OS X, low-end Asha phones project will be sharply cut, a large number of the original Nokia employees will be laid off the fate of the face. Microsoft withdrew from the Android and low-end mobile phone market created opportunities for other mobile phone makers. Many technology experts said, now that nokia has thoroughly distance and Microsoft, nokia could be targeted.

nokia release its recruitment ads on LinkedIn, over the past few weeks for a series of posts related to mobile phone products, which further exacerbated people guessing about its return to hardware manufacturing business. It is understood that the nokia including patent coordinator position, chief engineers, application engineers and mobile engineer images, including moving pictures engineer has caused people pay special attention to the requirements of the relevant, because nokia clearly put forward for the positions, the candidate must have a written for Android camera camera driver background.

although the requirements of the above jobs is very broad, but some of them did a special mention the hardware context.

with only a few job Posting it is difficult to conclude that nokia must return to the Android smartphone market, but it is responsible for the strategic, senior vice President of Sebastian? Nice strom (Sebastian Nystr? M) tweeted news confirmed that the company is recruiting for research and development of new products.

what product for nokia to launch, nice strom and gave no details. However, the common theory is that the company is ready to make more and more Android phones. If this nokia into the arms of the Android, it is most likely to develop pure Android devices, with a full set of Google Play (weibo) and its application Store to Store. In the previous cooperation with Microsoft era, nokia Android smartphone or depth rely on Microsoft’s service.

here, it should be pointed out that, even if nokia consider to return to the Android mobile phone, also need to wait for years to have the product launch. According to the acquisition agreement, nokia in 2016 after a certain point in time to use this brand name for its mobile phone products. In addition, in the completion of the acquisition of nokia mobile phone business after at least 30 months, nokia can’t turn the brand authorization to the outside of Microsoft company. So, in theory, nokia’s new Android mobile phone need to wait until at least 2016.

even if nokia will not return to the Android smartphone market, which is based on the Android system of third-party desktop launcher the launcher “Z” research and development work is also very likely to continue, at present the product is still in the testing phase. After all, the project is currently recruiting designers and application developers. But anyway, looks like nokia is looking for a comeback. (tencent technology li)