Nokia let Google sleep ungrounded project: unmanned vehicle navigation map

in the field of intelligent mobile devices are almost Google Android shellacking Nokia, after sold their mobile phone manufacturing sector, the future can also so Google to be reckoned with? A: it seems the most promising map is Here.

there is no doubt that Google Maps worldwide, both in its market share and user experience is a few competitors. But Nokia was “the next generation of three-dimensional map” aspect to carry on the positive research and development. It is understood that the Nokia maps Here department is developing an internal code-named “HD Map” navigation Map. The biggest characteristic of the map is that using laser radar positioning technology, provide driverless cars, and other products with more accurate and comprehensive 3 d navigation and positioning services.

what is the distinguishing feature of HD Map? Cloud network editor you hunting for your summarized the following:

first, HD Map provides users with 3 d model of “Map”. Call it a “model”, because this map using radar laser positioning technology, but can show the structure of the three-dimensional graphics, truly, truly, can also measure the distance between each three-dimensional structures. This means that even if all you have to reach the road with a truck, HD Map can also prompt you to its existence, and to show you a better selection of path, etc.

second, HD Map while also used with 3 d camera street view vehicles as Map material input device, but unlike Google, its real-time 3 d camera is a full range of input, without the need for a camera rotate around. It speeds up the time of the shoot, and provides the object positioning precision.

third, HD Map this HD 3 d images, though clearly, but the data volume is very large. It is understood that each Nokia street view car daily to data collection capacity up to 140 gb. In view of this, Here department with the method of the vector data model, to a certain degree of compression of the original material. In guarantee, on the basis of clarity, the size of the map data, control in the reasonable scope.

it is understood that the future HD Map service will be the first application in car navigation. Nokia official revealed that they are with Mercedes Benz car manufacturers such as map is as a relationship.

as vice President of nokia Here map network drive department Ogi Redzic said: “the unmanned vehicle location services is the basis of the map. While the existing map service is not accurate enough. Here department working on that.”