Nokia: Microsoft is not easy, we will eventually be lawful husband and wife!

$7.2 billion for “bride price”, waited for nearly eight months, has experienced all sorts of gossip, Microsoft could finally on Friday (April 25) nokia marry at hand.

the marriage did not get everyone’s blessing, to incur for them even don’t know. The bride (nokia) is husband’s family (Finland) government and the people accused of “big not niang” daughter; The groom (Microsoft) is accused of “don’t know what they want, married a comedown daughter-in-law”. Even the marriage “the matchmaker” (elop) irony as “spyware, trojans.

however, the somewhat NaoJuShi marriage is finally settled.

nokia official has announced the news. Microsoft then declared: “buy nokia, will accelerate the WP of innovation, expand the market share of WP.

however, eight months later, the couple seem to be subtle changes have taken place.

Steve ballmer to step down, came to power, and the latter in an open letter made no mention of “integration of hardware and software. The new CEO to Microsoft has just made the goal of “to mobile and cloud transformation”. For him, the more important is to promote Microsoft service log on multiple platforms. This is not only the innovation, is returned.

with the burning platform of nokia, struggling after finally yield to Microsoft. However, account for more than 90% WP market share of nokia, has already started to produce equipment of the branch of Android version of the system. This is a betrayal of the original “ambition”, to some extent also cater to the Microsoft platform strategy.

no matter you like it or not, the advance of Microsoft and nokia can only choose each other together.