Nokia mobile phone division lost $450 million, Microsoft really took a “hot potato”

according to, nokia equipment manufacturing and service sector losses again, amount of $452 million. Exclude the mobile phone sector, nokia has a profit, its first quarter net profit of 108 million euros ($150 million), a net loss of 98 million euros a year earlier.

here are the results of the main data:

, nokia’s first quarter revenue of 2.66 billion euros ($3.6 billion), 3.1 billion the euro fell 15% from a year earlier. The company in the first quarter net loss of 239 million euros, slightly better than a net loss of 272 million euros a year earlier.

nokia equipment manufacturing and service sector, total revenue of 1.929 billion euros, loss of 326 million euros ($452 million). Nokia devices unit net sales fell by 30% last year. Microsoft is also in the back of is a modest. Nokia has not released this quarter up handset sales amount. But the company pointed out that the intelligent equipment sales promotion to some extent compensate for low-end nokia mobile phone sales decline.

, nokia network division (original nokia west network department) performance very grab an eye. In the first quarter operating profit of 216 million euros, the department in accordance with the international financial reporting standards calculation is up 10%. The department of revenue accounted for 9.3% of total revenue than nokia, up from 7.0% a year ago.

Here map, net sales of 185 million euros, annual growth of 13%, the international financial reporting standards operating profit of 10 million euros. Nokia official says the business growth is mainly dependent on some powerful car makers to customers.

technical department (original nokia advanced technology department), external net sales of 131 million euros, the international financial reporting standards operating profit of 86 million euros. Nokia said the business growth depends on the previously signed with companies such as HTC patent license agreement, etc.

it is clear that if the mobile phone business, nokia has been profitable, and three departments of the business are in different degree increases. As it says on cloud network editor jun after hunting, leave the mobile phone manufacturing sector and nokia may have a chance. And our concern for Microsoft, the traditional software giant, really can let nokia recovery? At the very least, not like MOTOROLA, she was again.