Nokia started “genetically modified” : a $100 million investment field of smart car

nokia official has just announced that it will in the field of intelligent vehicle (car networking) investment of $100 million, to help auto makers to put more powerful computation ability, communication ability of equipment (or technical), into a conventional car.

Nokia Growth fund (Nokia Growth Partners, hereinafter referred to as the NGP) today in the global mobile Internet conference pointed out that: “when the traditional mobile phone into a can use a variety of applications of intelligent devices, car has also developed into a similar intelligence platform.”

a long time, nokia seems to be in car networking great interest. On the one hand, nokia maps Here has signed an agreement with some car manufacturers, their products provide vehicular navigation system. On the other hand, nokia’s ambition is not stop there. Investment in smart car, and after media reports of nokia is developing a called “HD Map”, a 3 d Map navigation and positioning system, and indicates the nokia in “driverless cars” and other more advanced in the field.

according to the latest results show that by the nokia 2014 Q1 nokia maps Here net sales of 185 million euros, annual growth of 13%, the international financial reporting standards operating profit of 10 million euros. Nokia official says the business growth is mainly dependent on some powerful car makers to customers.

in the face of more powerful rival, Google maps, nokia said, they are dedicated to provide users with more unique navigation, smooth driving experience.