None of the new hardware apple conference, there are still 22 points worth knowing

held today in the morning in Beijing time, is a pure about software and system with the developers conference. Although there is no more big screen of the iPhone, rumored apple smart watches iWatch appearance, but about eight iOS and Mac OS 10.10 and some other new features, new changes, is worth us to understand. Some of these changes, and indicates the direction for the future of apple.

Mac OS 10.10: Yousemite

apple today released a new generation of Mac OS, code-named Yousemite. The system of the official version will be released this fall. However, early developers can coming in this summer test version.

the first, the new interface design style. Mac OS 10.10 interface design style to iOS. Flatter design, transparent texture color control bar, the lack of the Mac OS, etc. Integral style and the development of the iOS, rich contemporary sense.

second, Mac OS 10.10 the notification center in addition to in addition to the change of the interface design style, also added a notice label called “Today”, allows users to quickly understand the remind of the day, the weather forecast and so on. More importantly, the new system of notification center allows users to customize, display from the Mac App Store download third party applications etc.

third, Spotlight to become smarter. In addition to more words search function of lenovo, also search from apple maps to any resource such as wikipedia.

4, Safari web browser the visual design of the corresponding change. In addition, the address bar of Safari become shorter, added a and iOS Safari as “share” button and add the function of “sticky notes page thumbnail browsing”. Everything is in order to let users when using Safari, operation more convenient, more intuitive.

5, E-mail application sync will become more stable. Add Markup function, support email within the text, images, edit, adjustment. Launch MailDrop feature that allows the user to save attachments in up, then take the form of a link in the email.

6, up to Drive today is apple’s new cloud file synchronization management applications. Allows the user to Mac OS x, iOS and Windows sync files between three platforms. In addition, the service with the Finder file collection, management functions, convenient for users to find different platforms, stored in a file of the up to Drive.

the future direction of the apple: cross-platform experience of continuity, consistency

in today’s meeting, apple official emphasized a very important word “consistency” (Continuity). The main mean, between iOS and Mac OS, for users and developers to provide a coherent has been experience.

7, Handoff is a new feature of the Mac OS 10.10. Allows the user to different apple devices, to work together.

8, AirDrop allows users to share different apple devices to ask price, rather than the original between Mac and Mac, iPhone and iPhone.

9, Mac OS 10.10 now allows users to more easily the iPhone as a hot spot sharing device, and can quickly search to this hot spot.

10, Mac OS 10.10 can send and receive messages from the iPhone, voice calls, and so on.

iOS 8

no. 11, interactive stronger notification bar. 8 the notification bar allows users to directly on the part of iOS application, without clicking open application interface.

12, iOS 8 the Spotlight search range is more extensive, similar to the global search capability of Android 4.4.

13, very significantly, apple announced that allows the iOS device using a third party application developers of the keyboard. In addition, the iOS system with keyboard application to add “Quick Type” function, can complement the user input the words, phrases, and even gives the user input the answers to these questions.

14, Messages to add sound, video messaging, burn after reading, add temporary location information sharing, etc.

15, also add up to Drive function.

16, iOS 8 – HealthKit launched health monitoring center. Can detect, collect user health data, and provide a third party partners.

17, Shared family plans to allow bundled six apples on a credit card users, Shared content and services purchased from the iTunes. In addition, the service also allows advanced users (parents) for affiliated users (children) purchases necessary restrictions.

, 18 new photos of the application. Allows the user to between different devices, to edit a picture. All up to the user can get 5 gb of free storage space. Of course, the user can also pay for: 99 cents a month 20 gb and 200 gb $3.99 per month. A Mac version of the photos application launch time not earlier than 2015.

19, Siri voice assistant can now shout “Hey, Siri” by users and automatic wake-up. In addition, Siri is a blend of music like Shazam recognition.

a unity developers event

20, apple introduced a new kind of development language for developers: Swift. The apple official said, the tool than the traditional Objective – C faster, more convenient, more intuitive. In addition, the Swift and Objective – C compatible, both can exist at the same time in the development of an application.

21, at the request of many users and developers, and application between 8 finally allows an iOS “communication”. This is a very evolution. Future application it will be possible to travel between the data exchange, the user’s operation become more fluent. Apple in the center of the notice of the introduction of a third party plug-in function, in which can allow the user to operate, without having to open a different application.

22, apple HomeKit intelligent household development platform. Allowed by apple certification of third party products, intelligent household developers become HomeKit partner. Siri voice control as the core of apple iPhone will become unified intelligent household industry first axe. Apple’s partners include AugustHoneywell, iHome, TI, etc.