Nothing to find smoke type hype: one plus phone propaganda is refers to insult women

according to, a mobile phone has been on the BBS has launched a campaign called “lady first”. Originally one plus officials hope that through this activity to relieve shortage of mobile phone shipments and promotion, but the “show” has caused a strong dislike of the user. Some users even launched a boycott of a mobile phone, activity against gender discrimination.

the campaign about content is this: one plus the phone invited the BBS in the community, one of the few women in the body on a mobile phone Logo, or holding a piece of paper with one plus phone, then take the upload. Later, other users can browse the photos, and grade evaluation. A promise, all of the top 50 healthy birth women will be able to enjoy to buy a mobile phone without waiting for the invitation award (including vest a) free of charge.

one plus mobile BBS in promoting this activity wrote: “in line with the traditional gentleman style and haven’t completely lost the knight spirit, one plus phone decided to provide special preferential treatment for women. We decided to let part of the female users can in the case of without inviting, full price to buy a mobile phone.” Ironically, one plus points out that the aim of this activity is to the community in the BBS, a small but beautiful female users “shout out”.

instead, one plus phone activity attracted many users. On the one hand, the mobile phone users with official received from many men “fake submit work”, and even some pictures are made of PS; On the other hand, those who are “shout out” women, strong protest one plus mobile phone has a “treat women as men appreciate content”. User submitted a take some women, by many of the “Wolf” provocative text. More ridiculous is that some women users simply add a mobile campaign into a boycott of one plus the activities of the mobile phone. They also add a phone Logo printed on the body, but their hands raised middle finger, and write the “one plus the phone, please stop discrimination”.

so far, one plus mobile BBS has logged off the campaign.

hunting cloud network editor you unintentionally to evaluate a mobile phone and Liu Zuohu, whether there is a gender discrimination against women. Undoubtedly a failure, but the activity is excessive packaging in the so-called “Internet thinking”. Since one plus cell phone, the phone seems to be to capacity problems, but not for users a shortage of shipments. One plus phone wanted to alleviate these problems through this activity, and brand promotion. But unfortunately, obviously they don’t stand in the user’s point of view to consider the problem. Just think, be regarded as the opposite sex who was willing to put her appearance on the object, you also need to spend a full to buy a cell phone? Even those few women community fans did, but after all this, how many of them were willing to stay?