Novel structure can make the battery electrode reduced to 10 minutes

Beijing time on June 19, according to foreign media reports, the university of California, riverside, burns engineering institute researchers has developed a three-dimensional conical carbon nanotubes, decorated with silicon integrated structure, used in lithium ion battery electrodes, and the structure can be portable electronic devices from hours of charging time shortened in ten minutes.

lithium ion battery is a kind of used for portable electronic devices or rechargeable battery electric vehicles. But, this kind of battery at present there are still some problems. The weight of the battery electric vehicle carries often account for a significant proportion of the whole body weight, and portable electronic devices, the battery size is hard to cut further. And silicon is a high-quality electrode materials, has attracted more attention, because the material of electrode total charging capacity than the lithium ion battery based on commercial graphite electrode is more than 10 times higher. If use the silicon electrode instead of the commonly used graphite electrode, may be around 63% increase in the total capacity of the battery, and battery size will be smaller and 40% lighter.

at the university of California, riverside, burns engineering institute researchers on Small magazine published the latest research results, introduced the lithium ion battery electrode material of silicon three-dimensional integrated structure, decoration conical carbon nanotubes, and the structure of the chemical vapor deposition and the course of the development of inductively coupled plasma treatment etc. After the test, based on the structure of this novel lithium ion battery has the high irreversible capacity and good cycle stability, and this kind of structure even at a higher rate of charge discharge, also showed excellent electrical stability and irreversibility, charging speed almost almost 16 times faster than the traditional graphite electrode.

researchers think that the structure of the electrode charge discharge faster than there are two main reasons. The first reason is that the copper foil covering the seamless connection of graphene and carbon nanotubes increased the activity of the material, can promote the charging process and the heat conduction in the electrode system. The second reason is that tapered structure can provides the electrolyte quickly into the electrode through channels, so that you can improve the charging efficiency and performance.

source: sina science and technology