O2O fire continues to burn: buying into a key battleground

thought recently on the Internet without fighting, never thought two group action on Friday night broke the quiet weekend.

O2O war from a taxi App move to group-buying

at eight o ‘clock yesterday evening, Meituan launched “for new friends, watch movies” activities, new registered users spend 9.9 yuan can watch 21 cities. Baidu glutinous rice launched the new user registration set at seven o ‘clock in the evening to send 25 yuan voucher. Best gameplay and online time from baidu glutinous rice, is obviously blunt Meituan, hu purpose. According to glutinous rice farmers do code friends gossip in baidu, baidu glutinous rice under the top die command required to knock down the “technical” the goal of advancing the project.

Meituan send 9.9 yuan special movie tickets, baidu glutinous rice send 25 yuan. Meituan can only see a movie, baidu glutinous rice vouchers at the same time support the dining, movies, and hotel; American support 17 cities, baidu glutinous rice vouchers to support national 400 city. In short, baidu glutinous rice is always greater than the mass of strength. And the group and baidu glutinous rice there are only one ultimate goal: to obtain a new user.

to burn money marketing competition as everybody is not strange. Di di and fast once in order to get new users and mobile payment habits, crazy hit nearly 10 one hundred million yuan for a protracted money. Coincidentally, just for today, together they announced stop subsidies on users, look O2O the world is not far from peace, beauty and baidu glutinous rice but not answer. O2O war from a taxi App this narrow the field to group purchase this big market.

there is another change is that Meituan is ali investment, glutinous rice is baidu baidu wholly owned subsidiary. War from AT into the BA , baidu’s top up.

no longer to pay as the goal, but for the App user

group purchase subsidy wars and 2010 thousand regiment war is not the same. It’s just a few games, play must have enough capital.

baidu glutinous rice had to pay to build notoginseng girl day with notoginseng discount to attract users, at a cost of hundreds of millions of yuan. Double the number of active users. According to the momentum of the subsidy wars, I’m afraid this time consumption is amazing, and no end in sight.

like di di and fast, into it’s hard to jump out to, who also won’t take a step back and arms race.

the beauty waxy war appears to be baidu glutinous rice cut Hu Meituan in fact not the case. Baidu glutinous rice in section, yesterday announced plans to make a version with the 5 fast 1 MAO 7 price and tens of millions of yuan subsidies to woo users, wave after wave of activity is baidu glutinous rice to spend money to build strategic part of the festival. Baidu glutinous rice to do special offer food and beverage, Meituan do special film, baidu glutinous rice to launch the new user registration again send 25 yuan, the seesaw battle has just begun, and a taxi App and indiscriminate subsidies war essence.

from 9.9 yuan a movie or a 25 yuan vouchers are effective only to new users. Meituan active mobile month more than 2000, baidu glutinous rice on live super 1000, the group from the month lived this goal and not short distance, which means that the group-buying App on the new users for the space also is very big.

all sites in the shift to mobile users, group buying is no exception. Group client transactions accounted for from 30% to 50% to 70%, the mobile speed is startling, that is why Meituan cost and glutinous rice to grab new App the cause of the user.

Meituan entered subsidy wars: Mr Wang tangled turned

baidu already open section spend money to build strategy, participate in subsidy wars are not strange.

Meituan the follow up was uncharacteristically. In thousand regiment war, it is for Mr Wang to participate in marketing war control not let Meituan ready cost control, and built the team chosen the city ready category and growth for the uncrowned king. In 38 section bankruptsrobbers glutinous rice with taobao, baidu as ali own forces Meituan is absent. In fact, Meituan pull new strategy has been to rely on low cost network marketing and word of mouth, attaches great importance to the search engines, website alliance precision marketing methods, such as refusing to the offline advertising.

however, now the situation was different.

“in the past opponent is glutinous rice, handle, everyone’s regiment, clicks, travel, etc, are strong but also do not belong to the giant level. Wholly owned buy glutinous rice this year as baidu, tencent in the public comments on the two O2O big events, Meituan core opponents into baidu and tencent. While its backer ali to support their own group buying business, bargain, taobao life, tao every bits of bit, etc. In a word, the pressure surge.

, on the other hand, group-buying competition focus has from PC user transferred to mobile App users, has spread to the country from a second-tier cities, from catering, hotel and film category in more extensive, such as tourism, local life service category. Together at the same time, the group purchase is no longer just a single form of promotion, but from discovery to review to deal to CRM to comment on the complete closed loop. Then rely on search engines and website alliance network marketing is no longer the almighty, and neutral baidu now select the glutinous rice in the past, the heart of the supremacy without cover.

is a giant step in and mobile trend, prompted the group to change its competition strategy, and from the point of the competitive landscape of the industry, baidu glutinous rice to America was on pins and needles.

if Meituan cannot sit group-buying eldest brother, listed hopeless; If Meituan cannot consistently profitable, listed. The latter is the place of Meituan tangle, war unable to control the cost. China group purchase industry gross margin would not have been high, average only 5% , and it was 50%. And the subsidies for film is only relatively prudent choice, while baidu glutinous rice can completely let go of the hands and feet to fight to superpower status.

perhaps Mr Wang still would follow up the battle subsidies, though his people in jianghu, presumably bleep chengwei more experience.

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