On the eve of the outbreak of wearable devices, the technology behind the what to do

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due to watch the wearable application products market, more and more companies to develop smart watches, sports bracelets and other intelligent device, but corresponding to the design requirements of the dressing device display component choice is pretty troubling, although more than small size display options, there are different scheme such as LCD, AMOLED, EPD, MEMS application market for wear…
The root According to the photoelectric association for the advancement of science, technology and industry (PIDA) estimates that in 2014 the global smart wearable display market revenue to $5.7 billion, 2017 global revenue at $18.3 billion! PIDA was expected, the smart phone, tablets, mobile device with the medium/small display requirements, by the wisdom bracelet, smart watches… Wearable devices such as the small wear with display components, will also be a display market emerging should use boom, the corresponding display technology and the market demand will be so.

wearable equipment new requirements and new challenge

dressing device market warming jointly stimulate the small screen technology and demand

after the smart phone, tablet boom, wear devices become warm in recent years, discussed the new market. As wearable product concept are still at the early stage, although have wisdom hand ring, watch concepts such as product launch, gradually construct a wearable product application architecture, but in fact, under the premise that wear application design, and bring up the Display unit of the new requirements, such as requiring a lighter, thinner, more energy saving, flexible, and even surface screen (Curved Display) design, application have become a new generation of apparel products Display element requirements.

existing wear devices on the market, mostly to echo wear application demand, must be on the products meet the ergonomic design requirements as far as possible, for example with wrist surface design, wearing the device key PCB, battery module design can match into surface modeling, reach the design request of the “wear” more easily, and the products structure, the appearance should be out of the curve can fit the body naturally or wrist, in industrial product design, driven by surface screen also led to the small size or the flexible screen application requirements.

dressing device applied to screen priority consideration of special features, energy saving, thinning

in fact, the existing intelligent wearable computing products such as watches, intelligent bracelet, actually in the functionality of the product is not strong, operational performance and bonus application at most only can be used as smart phone, tablet computer auxiliary equipment, and the display function Can because of the small screen size, most can only match the real-time display of intelligent communication device newsletter, SNS/SMS messages, or simple step meter digital, motion data, physiological data, such as information representation, according to the amount of data is not high, so in wearing the device display requirements are not high resolution as priority, instead will specifications focus on the display the thickness of the components, power consumption, the effect and special shape design requirements, etc.

in particular is a special configuration of support, said earlier that wear equipment screen demand often because of the available space is little, lead to the display screen also can’t use too much of a component, the relative limit wear devices at the same time, the amount of information can be displayed; If is device can use area of smaller apparel design product, can carry a small display, affects the application value of the product.

at this point or flexible type of screen surface design element, can follow the dressing device product extension curve shows blocks, further expansion of dressing device of practical value, and even smart watches with the continuation of traditional circular round small display needed for the watch body design, also for wisdom watch display need to drive more products for market demand.

soft, transparent, surface material properties become a new indicators advanced wear devices

the positive development of apparel operations needed for the product display technology, quite a few components of the manufacturers, such as Google, Apple, Sony, Qualcomm and Samsung, LG and other industry; And there is echo apparel product design requirements for material properties of soft, transparency and curved surface of different physical properties, such as small display, the display module for round or other shape demand, also because smart watch or other wear device display requirements, launched more than standard according to the appearance of the display design configuration module, according to the product development needs.

the current common smart watch apparel products, divided into the square and circular screen screen two design mainstream, in square screen, a small fluorescent screen conventional Display component design, component cost is generally low, currently has a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), AMOLED (Active matrix organic light – emitting diode), the EPD (electrophoretic Display) and mirasol Display technology solutions, currently with LCD, AMOLED and EPD smart watches design is more common.

is suitable for the wearable device screen technology advantages and disadvantages of contrast

EPD with low power consumption, flexible characteristics had smart watch USES

electrophoretic display technology (electrophoretic display; EPD) monitors, also known as electronic paper, originally developed for e-book reader bistable displays, because of its technical characteristic when change the display content will only power consumption, low power consumption, and different from the traditional LCD in making architecture structure is complex, can also be used in surface modeling design demand, and make the view display content in the hot sun environment, is the smart watch is quite popular display technology, but only more unfortunately electronic paper display gray-scale images, poor dynamic performance.

the e-paper displays have to adapt demand, curved screen design in the design of components material thinning can reach 0.8 mm thick, with low power consumption advantages, bending use is not easy to burst, and is applied to low power products run long time wear application products, use EPD e-paper displays efficiency can be greatly elongated product battery, if to use AMOLED, LCD monitor, in comparison with the dressing device of use EPD shows components of apparel products can at least 2 ~ 3 times as much use of time.

mirasol display panel of energy-saving advantage but can’t bend, don’t impact resistance

and MEMS Technologies by Qualcomm Qualcomm photoelectric using MEMS technology developed mirasol display panel, and the use of electrophoresis EPD is different, but it can be achieved and the EPD close to low power consumption characteristics.

Qualcomm for mirasol display panel is still had high hopes, continued to put into technical optimization to improve component features, mirasol display panel using microelectromechanical technology is still given priority to with flat integralization display module production, element size is given priority to with application of small size, early have to mirasol display panel development e-book reader reference design, and the wisdom of the watch reference design, etc.

but more pity is based on MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical technology mirasol display panel, the color of each pixel changes for the use of the microcomputer electric change, image change is very save electricity, but in fact the unit pixel color change time-consuming than LCD, AMOLED, if it is a simple image change does not have much impact, but if used for animation rendering, will update problems result in the user perceived as picture change relatively sluggish, not smooth, and using microelectromechanical technology driven change display screen is a basic color effect, but in fact if performance is not LCD and AMOLED colorful vivid, more restricted the future development.

this, mirasol display panel can’t be used in bending form, micro-electro-mechanical display more delicate, complex structure, for the performance of the product falls and EPD.

OLED display technology become smart watches to be bestowed favor on newly

colorful color performance ability to better display element, do better with LCD and AMOLED, and under the light and low power requirements, the LCD display because structure is more complex, at the same time, according to the need to match the back light should be used to dress design is relatively weak, the introductory cost to demand higher wisdom watch used; And AMOLED display technology for material can be self-luminous properties, the material thickness of the display can be extremely thin, to watch or bracelet can achieve effect of lightweight design requirements.

as for the energy saving low power requirements, the use of LCD or AMOLED display of apparel products, mostly can match the ambient light sensor and power saving design collocation, improve the power consumption of the apparel product display element.

on the OLED display components used, recently released in Google Android for wearable computing demand after Wear embedded systems, Motorola also released the Moto integration platform for Android Wear smart 360 watches.

Moto 360 watches with the intelligence, using a new generation of circular appearance OLED display screen as smart watches panel, Moto 360 except can support color surface and dynamic information display, when the watch everyday time application can switch to energy saving mode, only in the black/white picture Numbers, according to the traditional surface pointer.

the Motorola claims, tie-in and energy-saving mechanism can achieve intelligent table all open display, display can save 40% power loss, the user can be used as a traditional watch at any time to time, also need not worry about the screen open watch power fast running out of problems occur.

the other Moto 360 under carrying circular OLED display, 2 ~ 3 power industry claims to maintain battery life, Moto 360 also carry the top watch watch body common sapphire mirror and metal, improving the use of smart watches experience.

the same situation, LG also delivered with synchronous Android Wear platform of G Watch smart watches, it is interesting and Moto 360 also always – on display technology concept, but the LG G Watch with square screen, as to what exactly with display technology is unknown, and Moto 360 energy saving energy saving technology concept difference, still need to wait after product launch to understanding.