On the next generation iPhone, the eight most of thing you should know

there are less than a month of time, apple will be the start of an annual WWDC congress. There is no doubt that the highly anticipated meeting, let people look forward to most is a new generation of the iPhone. Recently, the us science and technology media TheVerge wrote so far are summarized about the new generation iPhone eight high reliability prediction.

although revealed a lot about a new generation of the iPhone, but in view of the media on degree, cloud network editor jun or hunting for you briefly summarized as follows.

first, apple should be more than this year published an iPhone

on: 9 (out of ten, similarly hereinafter)

many reports have pointed out that apple will launch two big screen iPhone this year (4.7/5.5 inch screen). Now, apple will be released at least two more big screen of the iPhone, is almost certain. After exposure assessment of internal documents, also points out the apple from the concerns of the Android cheap large-screen mobile phone impact.

this is related to the iPhone appearance, hardware and the degree of prediction: (on remains to be seen: 7)

in addition, the media also is generally believed that a new generation of iPhone thickness will become thinner, is only 6 mm. Equipment adopted a smoother appearance design style, rather than the iPhone 5 s angular cut craft. According to the sources of exposure photos show (below), a new generation of the iPhone will also have three kinds of color: champagne, space gray, milk white, for the user to choose from. The next iPhone back for iPhone 3 designs, but increased the obvious “line”. The two horizontal lines in the graph is said to be in the layout of the internal wire. In addition, there are analysis, points out that a new generation of iPhone back cover will use all metal material.

other somewhat erratic forecasting include:

at the same time, it is said that a new generation of the iPhone will also adopt the sapphire screen (on: 5).

a new generation of the iPhone will use qu bing screen (on: 3).

second, a new generation of iPhone will buy more expensive

on: 9

analysis is generally believed that the more complex manufacturing process as well as the larger screen, will make the price of a new generation of iPhone. After analysis is generally believed that the pricing of a new generation of the iPhone to $50-100.

third, not surprisingly, a new generation of the iPhone should be named as “iPhone 6”

on: 9

according to the apple iPhone way consistently, a new generation of the iPhone should be called the iPhone. Last year, however, should be in accordance with the practice is known as the five apple tablet was named the Air, and also is a remarkable place. Become more thin, more large screen of the iPhone will “renamed”? Don’t rule out the possibility.

4, at least a new iPhone is in this year

on: 9

analysts believe that with a bigger screen iPhone process complexity, 5.5 inches of a new generation of the iPhone are likely to be delayed to launch early next year.

5, a new generation iPhone will have a “staggering” ability

on: 9

every generation iPhoe to ascend of camera, it is beyond doubt. But just how much promotion efforts?

after reports that apple has hired nokia pure view camera nearly technical engineers; Apple filed for a for high-definition pictures of super pixel imaging patents. In view of this, there is reason to believe that a new generation of the iPhone will bring new and powerful function to the user.

6, fingerprint recognition will be more “task”

on: 9

there is no doubt that Touch ID will play a more important role in the iOS expression system. If the iPhone 5 s on the fingerprint recognition is a bit of stunt, so a new generation of the iPhone will not be able to simply put the fingerprint identification as a “novelty”. It should be done to help apple ideal dream payment system.

after media reports that apple will be launched in this year’s WWDC payment based on fingerprint identification “Pay with iTunes” function.

7, the latest iOS system is likely to have health monitoring application Healthbook

on: 9

about Healthbook hunting cloud network editor, which had carried on the very detailed report. This app can cooperate with the third party wearable equipment and mobile sensors, to collect user data, and data for health monitoring.

8, a new generation iPhone will have a “collaborative tools” – apple smart meter

on degree: 7

now, apple will tap into wearable equipment industry. But what exactly is a specific time and product, not good jump to assert.

after the media exposure of a called “Watch the Utility” apple smart Watch application interface. It is generally believed that the smart watch will focus on the health track field.

that is about a new generation of the iPhone more of eight predictions. As hunting cloud network editor, we wanted our forecast accurately. But as an ordinary user, we don’t want to hit completely. The reason is very simple, the user can always expect apple to world presents the “unexpected” great innovation!