Once a silicon valley darling Foursquare is now to “life”

Foursquare has said it will start to access the database to learn restaurants, stores and other local venue information of enterprises. In addition, it also tries to users sign in set up the information collected by the five years to make money.

the COO Jeffrey Glueck revealed that they are in talks with its biggest users of the data, hope they can use to pay or to provide services in return. However, this almost initially only in a small scale, the estimate effect of 1% of the 63000 companies using Foursquare databases.

change in policies is likely to harm the Foursquare and those who rely on the relationship between the developers on this service. These partners including Pinterest, Vine, Flickr.

cost data can help Foursquare to create a new source of income to support its free mobile applications. Although the service has been in a community of more than 50 million registered users, Foursquare, over the years but always failed to find a sustainable business model. Familiar with the deal said Foursquare round value down, those that have to invest $162 million in Foursquare risk investors are more and more impatient.

Foursquare doesn’t disclose its revenue, but is familiar with the company finance related sources, the company revenues of $15 million to $20 million last year, and this number is only $2 million in 2012. Glueck said this year there will be more than two times of sales, and the data licensing fees may eventually become part of a great significance in Foursquare business.

in the original COO seats evan Cohen and business development manager Holger Luedorf after recent departure, Glueck joined the Foursquare management business. Glueck served as Travelocity network marketing director.

Glueck also said that the deal is like Foursquare in agreement with Microsoft earlier this year. Microsoft agreed to pay the company license fees in the agreement, Foursquare in such as bing search engine products provide the location data service for Microsoft. Microsoft then became one of the investors of Foursquare.

Foursquare data of new charging mode will not be welcome. When Google to some other applications and web site developers use Google map to charge, raises their anger. Later it for big clients to reduce costs. For desktop users, policy changes prompted Foursquare itself to evaluate alternative to Google maps, at that time the company also said in a blog post it decided to switch to the two map providers, namely, OpenStreetMap and MapBox.

Foursquare previously warned developers it in its terms of service shall have the right to charge to access the database. Glueck said the company plans to continue to provide free services to the vast majority of developers.

he said: “we are committed to supporting our developer ecosystem.”

yahoo, Pinterest and Twitter spokesman declined to comment on any license agreement on Foursquare.

began in 2009, Foursquare invented the “sign in” social location. Now, Foursquare is strive to become a more close to restaurants and travel guide service Yelp company, according to other user tips to provide advice to people beer and skittles. Glueck said, may introduce a new application of Swarm, the focus on the “sign in” and social networking. Company this summer is going to release a major upgrade of the same name applications, its characteristic is able to recommend near a more personal thing to do.