One car Li Zumin: domestic commercial vehicle market prospects will be better

recently, organized by caixin media city traffic industry development BBS held in Beijing. as fast in the latest high-end commercial vehicles with taxi brand, car number one concern. For thought is one of China’s “number one car Uber”, no. 1 car general manager Li Zumin responded that doesn’t directly between.

why cannot delimit equal-sign, Li Zumin said, “no. 1 car with fast taxi belongs to the fast group. And Ube r, we all have their own main business areas in deep. layout, although both sides in a taxi and commercial vehicles market but a taxi fast taxi market is the main business, and the main business of Uber is business car market.”

when referring to differences of the two, Li Zumin said, a car and the most big difference between the Uber is the market prospect of the future. This xiao yun don’t look, look at his reason: “it is reported, population of more than one million cities in China with more than three hundred, and market of more than one million people in Europe and the city is only 27. At the same time, in one thousand people in China have less than 200 private cars, and in the United States has more than 800 . Taken together, the number one car in the future market prospect than Uber “.

but it is obvious that the Uber into kay peep is the market in China, is the last strength to speak, take the market share is not the result of a set of Numbers can be arbitrary. Besides, the market’s early entrants are easy to transport and to be reckoned with, true to understand the car general manager Li Zumin talk, more confidence for their products or a more exaggerated propaganda.

now, along with the abroad application of giant Uber by high transfer into China, domestic commercial vehicle market begins to be pushed into the spotlight. while relative to the taxi travel market, commercial vehicle market is small. but as more and more people begin to pay attention to the quality and service, travel business car market also began to be the industry known as the next “gold”.

in the domestic commercial vehicle market, easy to transport started relatively early, after three years of development and accumulated a group of users, but it’s still not drive the outbreak of the whole business car market. On the contrary, the number one car, AA car rental and other similar enterprises began to incoming , the domestic commercial vehicle market began to slowly have sexual encounters.

in the future the development of the commercial vehicle market, the industry is a promising way. But whether or not it will burn up between software by fire, and we need to wait. But we still believe that business car market is a huge market, for all enterprises to participate in this market is a good time.