Online learning market Udemy raised $32 million for international expansion

skills as the core, to the instructor and student online learning platform Udemy had had to trade the quota for C $32 million round of funding, Norwest Venture Partners, led, previous investors Insight Venture and MHS Capital to vote.

seed round $2010 in 1 million to start the online learning platform, B round $2012 in 12 million.

traditional MOOC (large) online dating platform such as EdX and Cousera are to a large number of courses on the Internet for users to select learning, Udemy, set up a communication channel between teachers and students, allowing a field skills and talents of faculty make and upload programs, and provides tools to help them create lesson.


students according to their required courses, under each course has a detailed introduction and other student’s score. The whole site like taobao in the field of online learning/eBay or appstore/Google play app store.

now Udemy has accumulated 3 million students, nearly 8000 faculty members to upload tutorial, the platform at present already had more than 16000 courses for learning.