Online music sector, traditional musicians anxiety

netease future technology summit, held at ten o ‘clock when there is a crossover conversation, “online music how to play” innovation works partner LangChunHui and Song Ke Xu Huan good roundtable dialogue. Topics in the process of hedge, hunting cloud network attended the summit, sorting out of the round table dry

music ticketing system, gradually replaced by the Internet

on the BBS, Song Ke, said last year they company half of the ticket is to rely on traditional ticketing company sales, this year, more often sign up through Internet, mobile Internet mode. The foundation for traditional ticketing companies began digging.

artist training has not the

before the artist agent is a company needs to sign with artists, good Xu Huan new company now another try, only with artists, provides resources for artist, and artists are the relationship of mutual benefit.

music selling way changed, but the record company is still not the law say

in the past, the traditional record company is selling songs by packaging, users have to pay. Now has changed, is to get the record companies to spin off to sell. And the trend is more and more obvious. But on the legal status, music or weak, domestic, suit a song a much higher price than the price of a song of piracy, for a long time, the record company didn’t say on the law.

about cross-border, music and the Internet should have intersection in big data

music on the Internet are upscale products, the Internet is equal to the infrastructure construction, let the music on the propagation and transmission is more and more quickly. But they also return to the product, that is, content, good content needs to be found, but for now, various music products in the field of big data found doing is not good enough. Recommendations based on data or rough. But it is undeniable that music platform with the user, the future there are a lot of extensible domain, such as O2O, ticket sales, customized CDS, etc.

no matter how to play, how crossover, finally to return to content.

have debated content is king or channel is king. Channels, such as king would become a stage, and finally doomed to content is king. Conference, Song Ke for an example, the Chinese market, 20 a year first hit accounted for 80% of the income. The remaining 20% is 80% of the content. So simple, whenever, musicians do music, it is ok to write the song.

to remove the roundtable discussion above, the statistic, circle the big players in the Internet has invested more than $500 million in the field of online music, mostly is cast on the copyright. Each music do VIP client form of charging mode, such as online FM, shrimp music, etc. Capital is profit, can be expected in the future, free music services are bound to have a limit, but if charge music service on the basis of the unreasonable, users will not pay.