Opera browser gestures squadron login iPhone client

now, looking for the browser on the iPhone people have a new option, Opera launched the first version of the other browsers also launched the iPhone version this time.

the characteristics of the group with obvious magnet in minimalist design style, only with the bottom of the main interface button on the interface has been open on the right side of the page button, it feels more like a simple reading application rather than a general browser.

magnet icon is almost replaced the previous url – wants to open the web site, it is good to poke the magnet icon on the main interface; History is also a magnet icon to reflect; Need to search, the search bar will automatically forecast and shows the corresponding web page magnet icon – of course could not find the Google will straight to universal. Even when loading ing are the — a squadron of magnet icon to show no progress bar when loading scale represents the magnetic map mark to dynamic loading.

a squadron can automatically reset the content of the reading, make the whole page looks more comfortable (of course the function also has a bug).

has been closed and open page iOS7 are similar in the application of closed, upward from the lower right button exhale after sliding can turn off the page, to speak and iOS7 operation method of echo very well.

Opera said the iPhone is designed to make one hand can easily master and operation, the other is further extended the experience. All operating almost all rely on gestures to complete, only two of the bottom of the only button.

group also supports up to sync, convenient user browsing history between the device and the iPhone synchronization.

overall, the group may not be suitable for in-depth inspection, but as a leisure simple browser, is quite successful.