Optimal car eslite: used-car market’s partner

four big man, struggle for many years to gets a, after a period of not clear white second-hand car trading, to research the used-car market, after doing a lot of preliminary market survey, determined to advance the standardization of the second-hand car market, with a business background of drive and for years, raised the first sum of money soon.

just look at what position the team’s first:

the jungle, the northeast person, went to pricewaterhousecoopers in 2002 after graduating from tsinghua, went to Stanford in 2006 and 2008 to join the Boston consulting. Add the 58 city is responsible for the financial, investment and financing. In January this year, start a business.

Cui Jinfeng, sohu, at the earliest, after to 51. com as CTO, 09 to 58 city do CTO. In front of the 58 not listed, Cui Jinfeng decided to entrepreneurship, made a project called’s palace.

TuZhiQing, p&g sales TOP levels of the characters, with less than 5 years has managed the hundreds of people, from p&g leave from today’s capital for a period of time investment, after the study in Stanford, went to McKinsey after graduating from Stanford, then do ten percent shop business.

sun yao, early do sales in samsung, after to zhongguancun venture, accumulated must value, after the Intel to do the key account sales, decided to come out after the business.

four men eventually walk to arrive together, together to do the best car eslite this project, look at the background of the four, draw a few keywords: big company executives, technical people, serial entrepreneur, complementary synergy, experience and lessons.

, four jungle is a CEO, but the original idea of this project from Cui Jinfeng. Cui Jinfeng sold a car, he resented the service process, that used car service market is very chaotic, there must be some kind of a, then Cui Jinfeng entrepreneurial project’s palace because is subject to the size of the market, the company is in transition. Then, find the jungle asked cui, used car project can do.

the jungle for 58 city strategy, for the market, is very sensitive. After put forward the idea, he pulled the Stanford students have rich experience of TuZhi and sun yao, with great concentration for a month of second-hand car market research, found that this is indeed a thrilling gold mine.

“absolute market is enough big, every year China trade is used 56 million, assuming that the price of each car is 100000, so this is a 5.6 trillion market, and the market is in the speed of inflation. Compared with the United States, China has more than 100 million, more than 200 million in the United States, over the next five years, China’s car ownership would be more than the United States, 1.3 billion people and 300 million people driving is can’t drive. At present, the proportion of new and used car sales in the United States generally is 1:3, China is 2:1, when the Chinese consumers accept used car slowly, I believe that there is no question of 1:3. China’s auto market in 2008, new car sales reached the peak, and transfer in general is about five years, the next three years is used in China.” Jungle convective cloud network said.

in addition to the big market, second-hand car service forms is not mature enough, the jungle to hunt cloud network, for instance, “not a lot of friends don’t want to buy a used car, but did not dare to buy. I will help friends bought dozens of car. They did not dare to buy for the simple reason that used car service standard, transparent. I sold the car out of the question, I in charge, no one dare to make such a promise, and we dare to guarantee “

“formats are not mature, so the market to have a chance.” The jungle took us market, for example, the “American second-hand car service has been very developed, we go to the United States visited, America’s current mode is divided into three kinds. The first area of dealer, a community of a city. The second, is the auction platform pattern, C2B. The third, retail mode. Each pattern is different, have their own characteristics, we study, the thought in the Chinese market, and is suitable for retail model. In the future we do is to make used car sales service become standardized, transparent, for through our platform to sell every car we dare to promise, gave an issue, I am in charge of, completely activate the consumer’s purchase desire.”

in addition to the optimal car eslite, domestic also emerged a few competitors, the jungle think, second-hand car trading service market is very big, may the trillions of in the future market, enough to melt under several enterprises, any enterprise want to unify the market is almost impossible.

“used car market is not what secret, final core or execution. Optimal car eslite confident to occupy the front row. From several aspects, first, our team is complementary and synergistic effect was very obvious, second-hand car trading is a severe O2O market, need the double gene of online marketing and offline retail, that our team is able to meet. We will do it with the user’s point of view. For professional strong link, we brought in land rover group chief engineer, hundreds of 4 s shop market eldest brother, let the professional person to do professional things. Second, founders came with the experience and lessons, Cui Jinfeng lesson is market is large enough, TuZhiQing lesson is a startup to tell time, sun yao lesson is operating to the steady, these lessons should be able to let us go less detours.”

at present, the best car eslite first located in Peking as well economic development zone of offline store is underway to decorate. “And online in the end, we didn’t how to promotion, has been sold is more than a dozen car, how strong demand of the market is.” Happily talking about the condition of the jungle, dozens of young people busy basic behind him is an old subordinate of the four founders. “Everyone is very confident.”