Oracle to “reverse”, endanger the developer API access free of charge

a few days ago, a U.S. federal court sentenced to Java API used in the Android violated oracle’s patent. After numerous scholars and analysts agree that the API itself is an abstract concept, it only defines an interface, not involved in the details of the application of how to implement. If the court sentenced to oracle’s victory, then will jeopardize the developer is free to use the API.

API is the meaning of application program interface, it provides developers with a simple application of docking window, allows the application to smooth service invocation, and so on.

because oracle acquired sun company, and obtained the ownership of Java. Since then, oracle, take advantage of this, with Google company launched a long war. But unfortunately, for many years, the court has never support oracle’s lawsuit.

court in 2012 “API is a set of practical and functional tool” on the grounds that it rejected the oracle’s lawsuit, and argues that Android has the right to free use the API, etc.

oracle’s “crime” of the sentence, drew each big media and professional criticism. It is generally the behavior compared to “bugs” patent.