Pandora: 2014 for copyright, twisting the losses, less than expected and global expansion

The arrival of the

the latest earnings season, and Pandora is a lot of related news. As xiao yun just to give you a summary.


the first filed, or Pandora at home in the battle over the copyright in the United States.

not long ago, the recording industry association of America the RIAA sued Pandora, to pay royalties music works before 1972.

in accordance with the provisions of the federal copyright law, broadcasting services when using music need to obtain permission. But the old works before 1972 are not yet received federal copyright law protection, Pandora is exploiting the loopholes, cleared the old works the licensing process, has been the RIAA sued.

a New York court did not give the verdict, but the RIAA said, no matter how, Pandora should pay royalties for its play songs, and Pandora results have not too much to this conclusion, saying only that will find a solution as soon as possible.

“earnings are still losses, income is better than Q1 and Q2 optimistic expectations”

copyright event hasn’t the dust settles, at the moment all over a quarter of 2014. Results a Pandora but pain and joy – in the first quarter, the total revenue of $194.3 million, up 69%; A net loss of $28.9 million, compared to the sharp narrowing line in the hole. The overall results beat analysts’ expectations.

FactSet Research according to the survey, the average analyst expectations Pandora second-quarter earnings per share of $0.05 on revenue of $219.3 million. And Pandora oneself for the fiscal second quarter expectations of between $213 million to $218 million, less than analysts had expected. In accordance with us gaap (not included in the equity incentive payments), is expected in the second quarter earnings per share between 0 – $0.03, or less than analysts had expected. Have to say the Pandora my given data indirectly led to the after-hours stock prices tumbled nearly 6%.

however, Pandora is optimistic outlook for the 2014 fiscal year – not in accordance with us gaap, in fiscal 2014 revenue to between $900 million – $8.80, $890 million – $8.7 higher than expected; In accordance with us gaap (not included in the equity incentive payments), fiscal 2014 earnings per share will be between $0.14 and $0.18, $0.13 – $0.17 higher than expected.

according to the forecast, Pandora is expected to reach balance in 2014 years and gradually become profitable.

“to native will be profitable, a sword refers to the global”

in spite of digital music inescapable copyright disputes, such as Pandora is still a fairly good growth situation, now accounting for 9.1% of the radio to listen to the American market now, grew by one percent year on year. Listening time up to 4.8 billion hours for the user, in the first quarter of this year and we have 75.3 million active users see march data alone listening to Pandora.

with the maturity of the Chinese in the United States, Pandora to go next?

maybe global expansion, or a good choice.

Pandora to foreign markets for the first time in 2012, launched its own services in Australia and New Zealand. McAndrews said Pandora in the two countries market has attracted more than million registered users.

although the Pandora’s official has said the company focus on market mainly in the United States, but now how strategy remains to be seen. Pandora also or will take to its global expansion plans under wraps.

the global promotion of intention is mainly comes from the CEO Brian McAndrews earnings conference call on Thursday said – “for new areas of development and attempt is we are very interested for a long time.” At the same time, he also stressed the short-term Pandora will continue to focus on the development of market, for there is no specific time for the expansion of foreign markets, goals, plans, etc.

Pandora’s official spokesman said that the global market is a big plan, but it is not a market specific plan for abroad. Pandora is, of course, want the future to people all over the world can enjoy their music services.

although Pandora stressed the importance of the American market now, not in the short term plan also said the global expansion, but the recent series of action seems to have meaning for the global market.

one of the most obvious, that is, before the formal expansion of recruitment. Pandora in February to hire Sara Clemens is responsible for strategic planning. Expect global expansion is one of the tasks, Clement CV’s most prominent it is in Europe, America, Middle East, China, and many other rich experience on the market, as well as the outstanding performance of the international market.

Pandora also are actively recruiting a responsible for the development of the global executive, listen to order on Clem? Ens and is responsible for market expansion and the actual execution. Pandora for the director of international thinking, “to lead the team analysis together to explore new market demand, to be able to effectively plan for the Pandora’s share of the global ascension and practical execution.”

Pandora global expansion of the next station is?

Japan market quietly into many media speculation. Indeed, the Japanese have always valued the mobile market, and Pandora “mobile as the center” the idea is very fit. At the same time, Japan’s music market is also a piece of blue ocean for Pandora – Japan’s record company authorized online media are very conservative, for Japanese users online listening is generally higher than the cost of the international market, all these lead to the gaps in the online music market, if can lead company, Rdio into the Japanese market, and apparently quite good with Pandora.

but going into the Japanese market, Pandora will have to face the change of the whole operation mode, in the United States, Pandora by controlling the user’s listening area (cannot hear every time complete album) and skip the frequency (can’t skip any songs) to ensure that its music service in line with the authorization mechanism, removes signed an agreement between the record company and the other trouble, also significantly reduces the operating costs.

theoretically Pandora is the success of the model can be copied in the United States – after all, broadcast operations all over the world. But also not to say that Pandora will not meet obstacles, P at home in the United States? Andora recently also encountered a lot of copyright disputes, visible, want to global expansion, Pandora also need to have a good familiar with familiar with legal provisions and the license agreement from all countries.