Parking Spaces in the parking Uber: MonkeyParking, real-time auction

we often encounter the following situation: the drive to prosperous areas, can’t find a parking space. See other cars to drive away, but with more than N “rival” for a good is not easy to spare out of a parking space. Contradictions on the trigger. Recently, a start-up company from Italy, launched a allow “parking space for implementation of bidding” application – MonkeyParking. This app is a “parking Uber”.

MonkeyParking is a bidding application of temporary parking space. An existing parking Spaces occupied, can be in front of the left, to the MonkeyParking parking “enlightenment”. And are anxiously to find a parking space users, can see in this article, after the “enlightenment” to implement the auction. Bidders can be $5, 10, 15, 20, four for bid prices. In general, the result is higher price.

with the development of urbanization, the rapid increase of the number of private cars, caused enormous pressure to urban traffic. Can timely in the process of going out to find the nearest parking, is just users need. MonkeyParking is eyeing this market. Users can through the use of the view to the nearest free parking, plan their own time schedule in a timely manner.

however, this test application in San Francisco, the United States after the launch, immediately caused a heated debate. Some people think that this is helpful for the privilege of the rich, will cause the uneven use of social resources. However, MonkeyParking don’t think that’s not fair. Because you delivered $20 for a valuable temporary parking Spaces, so when you leave, you can also need to find the next bidder for oneself, and get a $20 in return.

MonkeyParking team points out that they had also explore the diverse rewards model, such as provide users with virtual game rewards and so on. But they found that after a series of trying to hush money can promote people more motivation for a parking space.

however, MonkeyParking products worthy of our study of entrepreneurs. After all, as long as it is, don’t break the law to meet the needs of users, it should be entrepreneurs should actively explore.