“Pay treasure of amazon” officially launched

to show retail giant is amazon’s recent series will introduce third-party payment platform, or will shake the PayPal’s dominance for a long time.

Amazon Monday online payment service, the service allows Amazon more than 240 million active users through stored in Amazon. The cn website the credit card information to pay phone bill, or a digital music subscriptions. Amazon will extract a percentage of the cost as gains.

amazon via the new service also expanded its business role, become a third-party vendors pay media, not only help to extend the third party sellers on amazon’s business (the third party vendors revenue accounted for 40% of total revenue in amazon), and also helps in amazon’s own site platform outside the extension of influence.

the 18th of this month, amazon CEO bezos also on mobile payments to launch a new product.

amazon vice President in charge of sellers, Tom Taylor said in an interview, amazon can provide users with convenient service areas is far more than these, and the mobile payment is one of the amazon is trying to expand business.

it is understood that amazon has been for months with Tucows owned mobile startups Ting cooperation test the new mobile payment service. Ting product manager Justen Burdette said in the interview, use amazon users paid for many times, the Ting’s website will typically pay more than 30%.

some analysts are not optimistic about amazon’s new service, they think most businesses will not rest assured will deliver amazon customer data, after all, amazon is likely to move into new areas and become a strong competitor of these businesses.

Taylor was declared, amazon’s collection of data is limited to the transaction amount, does not involve other information. He also added that amazon payment platform can provide start-ups with goodwill that used to don’t have to worry about their credit card information to unknown small companies, which will help start-ups to win more customers.

Taylor said, “we hope that as company very potential partners to consider cooperate with amazon.”

Via: Reuters