Pay treasure to provide paid services to “diablo 3” by the ministry of culture

pay treasure to provide paid services to online game “diablo Ⅲ was halted.

it is reported that in March, 12318, the national cultural market report website receiving reports, reflecting the pay treasure (China) network technology co., LTD. Violations by 27 ladder for diablo Ⅲ provide trading services. Ministry of culture culture market department immediately obliged hangzhou cultural market administrative law enforcement team for verification. After the report find out basic this is true, hangzhou corps law enforcement personnel interviewed the pay treasure (China) the relevant person in charge of hangzhou company, and explain the alipay behavior in violation of the network game management provisions of article 27 of the interim measures, no unit may not act as illegal online games business activities provide online payment service, alipay, take the initiative to revoke the serve cooperativelywith payment business in Taiwan.

the famous American game company blizzard entertainment recent launch of diablo Ⅲ latest expansion – the scythe of a god of death, cause the extensive concern in the industry. The players called “diablo Ⅲ” game is blizzard company “diablo” series of the third department, before two are stand-alone game, play in the home have high visibility. “Diablo Ⅲ launched is defined as an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) type of network game, in the americas, Europe and Asia set up the server, not in the range of its services in mainland China. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of domestic players in Taiwan through registration of blizzard diablo iii, “detour” links to other parts of the server to play “diablo Ⅲ”. Usually, players want to play “outward”, need to purchase through informal channels online game virtual currency “ladder points. In 2013, the ministry of culture is based on the network game management interim measures to stop a “taobao” sales “diablo Ⅲ” virtual currency. But in the beginning of the year, “diablo Ⅲ listed before the expansion,” surprise “to find the player: 27 ladder can be done directly through the pay treasure to conveniently” diablo Ⅲ “virtual currency purchase process, without” detour “as before.

according to the relevant person in charge of ministry of culture culture market department, network game management interim measures defined, online game virtual currency trading service enterprises may not provide for filing, the network game is not examined or virtual currency trading service, any unit shall provide online payment service for illegal online games business activities, so similar to pay treasure to provide payment services for the diablo Ⅲ for violations. According to the verification, the ministry of culture culture market department has not received any submission to the network game “diablo Ⅲ” operating in domestic application.