Pay treasure to purse on-line fingerprint payment, the GALAXY S5 first experience

alipay announced today that wallet has launched the first test in a fingerprint. At present, users in samsung’s new flagship model of the GALAXY on the S5 has been able to take the lead in to enjoy this service, this is the first time domestic fingerprint payment attempt on a smartphone. Also after qr code, sound waves to pay, pay treasure to another masterpiece.

start in July, pay treasure to purse the fingerprint payment function of gray released on samsung GALAXY S5, users have received on your mobile phone system updates. For the new GALAXY S5 users, only need to log in samsung download and install the official app store, or 4 g life pay treasure can be used after the wallet.

users to use fingerprint payment, need to go to the Settings in the input fingerprint and then in the column of alipay wallet mobile password to open the fingerprint password, through fingerprints after a series of check and pay the password, fingerprint payment will officially open. User shopping in pay treasure inside the wallet and the money transfer, no longer need to enter a tedious digital password, simply take a finger on the fingerprint sensor in HOME button gently scrape, payment can be successful. Because the service is still in the phase of testing the waters, the user in the small free scenarios to get such experience, the subsequent will gradually expand the scope of application.

for the payment industry, what means of identification can make experience safer, more convenient is an eternal topic. The industry generally used digital password, because of low cost, easy to use, has been widely used for more than 50 years. However, with the emergence of network virus, fraud and other black industry, composed of Arabic numerals and letters digital password security reliability needs further improvement.

pay alipay fingerprint expert says, compared with the digital code, the fingerprint has the characteristics of uniqueness, stability and difficult to replicate, security is more reliable, hackers and the ACTS of some ulterior motives are hard to crack. Some users online comments said: “with the fingerprint payment, even lose their mobile phone, also can rest easy.”

as we have learned, in cooperation with samsung fingerprint payment scheme, all fingerprint data are stored in the local devices, and will not be uploaded to the cloud, so that we can effectively prevent the server being attacked and may lead to safety accident.