Pay treasure to reform hospitals as a first step, to improve the efficiency

two or three years ago began to circulate online a joke – if the hospital could use pay treasure, healed again to confirm payment, bad attitude, bad review, doctors and nurses behind ass smirked said: kiss, give a high praise. Now, the idea of YY is gradually into the reality.

pay treasure is to promote an ambitious plan, to change the current situation of most of China’s public hospital crowded, help hospitals improve the efficiency of operation, more to optimize medical resources allocation.

on May 28, pay treasure to formally announced the was named the hospital “plans” in the future. According to the plan, pay treasure to the future will open their platform ability for medical institutions, including the account system, financial solutions and mobile platforms, payment, cloud computing, big data platform, etc., to help the hospital in the era of mobile Internet is becoming more efficient.

“open platform is pay treasure to the strategic focus of this year, we hope to open our ability, to help to all walks of life.” Small financial services group (chips) O2O division general manager janet wang, said the health care industry is closely related to everyone, also pay treasure to opening to the outside world and cooperation with key industries.

“pay treasure is not medical enterprise, also does not have the so-called subversion or remake medical ambition. We hope that through alipay intervention and power output, as far as possible under the condition of existing improve the efficiency of medical service, provide convenience for patients and hospitals.” Small financial services group (chips), deputy general manager Zhang Jiangang O2O business, said the first phase of the “future hospital plan”, was to build a hospital of mobile medical service system.

the carrier of implementation of this plan is to pay treasure to the wallet “FuWuChuang”. Alipay product manager zhao rose says the health care industry, hospital in alipay wallet “FuWuChuang”, the user can through the pay treasure to purse are waiting to complete the registration, remote, clinic and capture to expend, take report card after diagnosis, interaction, and other links, without the need to queue for many times.

compared with offline registration, pay treasure to by technical means and data analysis to identify “cattle”, reduce the scalpers registered, to release more medical resources. Zhao rose said, “if one day of registration, registered every day many times, so our system can recognize, and placed restrictions on the account”.

pay treasure will also provide free wi-fi service in hospital and indoor navigation and other technical support, guide the user to see a doctor, check, pay cost, take medicine, etc.

in terms of payment, the first phase of product also can only support a large users. Zhang Jiangang, according to dock with the health care system, alipay is talking with the hospital and the related department, once completed, the user will directly can complete health care in the alipay self-paid part real-time settlement and deductions.

in addition, pay treasure to purse medical FuWuChuang, also increases the interactive features, both doctors can interaction and evaluation after diagnosis. Through the evaluation and the interactive way to help optimize the doctor-patient relationship.

pay treasure has said, so far, in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other first-tier cities, pay treasure to have agreements with more than 10 3 armour hospital, there are two of them have complete development, are entering test phase.

after the cooperation with more hospitals pay treasure “future hospital plan” and a more ambitious plan. “In the second stage, we will combine with the promotion of health care reform, through the Internet electronic prescription, drug delivery, referral to the nearest online real-time ShenPei real-time reimbursement, commercial insurance, medical care and so on all links, activate the whole social medical ecology; The third stage, we open big data platform, combined with cloud computing, and wearable equipment manufacturer, medical institutions, the government health departments, such as cooperation, jointly set up health management platform based on big data, make the transition from treatment to prevention.” Zhang Jiangang said, this is a 5-10 years of long-term planning.