Pay war start again: tencent QQ lottery force-out alipay

pay war between the Internet giant alibaba and tencent company again. This time, the proactive use of tencent QQ lottery force-out alipay. This is the take a taxi to pay after world war ii, the two sides in the pay market again sparks.

owned by tencent QQ lottery recently announced that, due to the use pay treasure to prepaid phone can’t timely after to zhang (possibly port limits), affect the user experience, therefore decided to suspend pay treasure prepaid phone service. QQ lottery said, the user can through the wealth tenpay or micro letter top-up.

although QQ lottery said the move was suspended alipay prepaid phone service, but several industry insiders said the cloud network hunting, this is a sign of QQ lottery force-out alipay service. Pay treasure to official weibo responds: bullshit!

“in order to avoid the user to block behavior, the user experience is just rhetoric, this is big company common methods for a public relations.”

ali and pay war between tencent already has a long history, especially in the field of mobile payment for, the two sides launched a hand-to-hand combat, double willing to invest heavily in the back of a taxi market shopping is robbing the mobile payment market.

“micro letter to pay as a latecomer aggressive, but pay treasure has been offering a response, pay treasure to the birth of the purse is the product of competition, predictably two market against don’t quit. Its product line to block other pay treasure will be possible.”

the following is a QQ lottery announcement:

due to pay treasure to top-up cannot promptly to the account, after the serious influence the user experience, by the decision to halt alipay top-up service, please each user USES the money tenpay, WeChat top-up.

this the inconvenience, in this express deep apologies, hope the broad masses of users understanding! If you have other questions, please contact customer service or call customer service telephone: 400-788-1818, thank you for your support to QQ lottery, thank you.