Photo development totally free

Normally on the internet we have many promotions but we are rarely aware of them and we can take advantage of them, that is why from now on I will be putting as I know something interesting so that whoever wants to take the step can do it.

In this case it is the development of digital photographs totally free.

On the one hand we have the company photobox, which will allow us to reveal 30 photographs without any cost, the only condition is that they have to be revealed in the first 30 days after having registered in the system. In addition to this offer they offer unlimited space for our online album and if you request the copies before 17:00 they will send them to you on the same day.

On the other hand also the company Mypix offers us the development of 40 digital photographs in 11 × 15 format and also offers us the possibility to store our photographs in an unlimited way.
What I do not know is how much it will cost to transport the photos to our house, but it’s almost nothing 🙂

Windows Vista

One of the questions that is most being asked today about windows eswin Has windows vista been profitable? so it seems .. what bad starts … bad ends.

Statistics for wordpress

Perhaps one of the best statistics systems designed specifically for wordpress, if you want to know what is going on and how to install it go through the article written by baluart.

End of classes

Although I would like to say that I have also only finished the classes for the moment. I will not return (at least in the short term) to the university, except for these last exams that will last between June and September.

At the moment I only have 3 subjects left to finish the race, of them two I have an exam in June and another one for September.

How much have I waited for this moment, even though I’ve had a good time there, I’ve met wonderful people xD I wanted to turn the page into a new chapter in my life, in the short term I would like to enjoy this summer, almost as much as the Last year, especially being with my girl, my friends and enjoying the chalet (pool, soccer ..)

What will the future hold? Well, I still do not know … about the selection tests I did, they have already called me from two places, one in Salamanca and the other in Madrid. Before I was not sure what to choose, and after reading the article of No have to do what I found on the xergio page made me think about some things, it might be very ambitious before and I certainly would not have hesitated to go to Madrid , but seeing things from other perspectives … the quality of life that I have here … is insurmountable.

It is true that the salaries are third world xD and that surely would raise more by putting drinks in any bar but hey, the company at the moment works well and I prefer this life with everything around me than any other anywhere.

I have not finished the scholarship yet, I do not even know when we will present it, so even though I have two exams I still have to walk through the university, I could continue doing it remotely from home but I feel like more chatting there with people (not autism) that today when I went I had a dust the ordeandor … I do not know how it continues to work (it will take 5 months on).

Anyway, shortly I will make my list of pending things for the summer, taking advantage of the fact that it will be the last thing I can enjoy, I will have to do everything: D