Pick up hook, travel together to travel, to pick up my sister

if you have only to pick up human booty call is tourism product, you are a bit too counterplot. How to fire up the travel together travel also won’t go to the pursuit of reason of smelly fart, anyway it is a fire.

it is said, to travel together tourism perceptual positioning is customized version of the Momo, stop that now young! Although you have not the point, but I still have to give you a praise. Internet products, have been afraid of is that they were labels, afraid of is too ordinary.

a person travel is lonely, so two people or more than 3 individual tourism will be more lively. And journey can look after each other, enhance feelings, strong strangers. Also have to keep up with the pace of information age, travel. Traditional community swim should not go into the mainstream. Times have changed, now Tours, tips, pick up person to swim became popular.

pick up hook, twitter account of the most popular pick up people, professional forward following information need to travel together travel, beauty the handsome boy, after more than half 90, initially, outdoor pick up person is a mature market, slowly, road trips are beginning to pop up, in recent years, tips backpackers are beginning to pop up.

what’s good about picking up people? Founder Xu Zuolin according to pick up human point of view, and pick up one of the main is joy in the journey can be picked up by laughter, in the journey that go eat together drink together live, travel to save money, to go the distance such as Tibet, xinjiang can also increase a sense of security. If you want to pick up the people.

what are relatively safe, located in tourist pick up remarks on the application of social also made certain security mechanism, the next version will adopt “real-name authentication + review” to increase credibility. Users in the selection, to select certified and praise of users, as much as possible without too much data to careful consideration. Worry about meet liar best 3-5 people together, also is not happy, every time they pick up person, so early or more and pick up people exchanges, polish eyes, bold and meticulous.

just so much with our original blog said, just want a weibo at the beginning, carelessly a BBS, and then do a website, finally, we want a APP. Or it can be said that only do big can get more professional pick up human. And matching for the user to pick up data can also be more professional. But you are only for about gun travel tag to pick up human orientation, it is too simple.

get road in December 2013, pick up human capital 1 million angels, here a little said a digression, despise the related media circles, after get the investment before picking up human find media reports, some media refuse to report, too little investment quota to entrepreneurs to blow say 5 million to report. For such publicity media, I only represent myself deep contempt.

after the 1 million angels, pick up human about their social orientation is tourism, in the main free pick up human HangYao with tourism on the basis of future development: locals, information strategy, gradually will increase for visitors looking for merchants, tour guide, accommodation and other related tourism demand.

in tourism products on the market at present, there are many more famous and played like travel together, in addition to pick up human about partner network, spelling a road network, etc., such as ctrip do travel together travel more channel is nature to do. Future is becoming more and more prevalent in line self-help tourism, travel together tourism may become a new trend, perhaps you’re single, a travel together to travel, love is touched, or has been single.

pick up human

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