“Pig teammates” Microsoft: Nokia X system cannot upgrade to like Nokia X2

released in February, the first generation of Nokia X will not be equipped with a software update on Nokia X2.

in a blog from Conversations evaluation report, Nokia UX design studio (Beijing), the director of the Yannis Paniaras said: “because of the necessary hardware upgrades, the Nokia software platform in Nokia X 2.0 X, X + and will not apply on the XL series. However, in the next few months, there will be more updated to further improve the quality of related equipment user experience.”

the Nokia X2 2.0 is a software platform based on the branch version of Android 4.3 system, and Nokia X is based on the Android 4.1.2. X 2 USES a higher frequency of dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor, and configure the larger space of RAM.

nokia give reasons seemed untenable. Only hardware limitations, and don’t give a Nokia X users to upgrade system, reasonable on the surface, but callous. The past and nowadays, we still see a lot of equipment with low configuration Anddroid 4.3 version of the system.

may be the only reason to ignore the Nokia users to upgrade X, it should be the Nokia X devices lack the Home button on the Nokia X2.

Microsoft because before not to WP 7 users to upgrade to the WP 8, and by netizens as “pig teammates.” , nokia is your boss a good pit. I don’t know now to buy Nokia users of X, will once again be fickle angered by Microsoft? !