Plugin para WordPress

Looking online I found a very “curious” plugin is Blogroll Page Plugin and with this plugin, you can publish the blogroll on a page instead of doing it in your sidebar, from the author’s page give two reasons to use this plugin , in my opinion the most convincing is that you save space in the sidebar.

To install it is very easy

  1. Download the plugin – Blogroll Page Plugin
  2. Unzip them and upload them to your plugins folder.
  3. You create a new post or page and enter the following sentence:

It seems that this year is the first time since 2002 in which the traffic of the so-called p2p networks is exceeded.

Despite what many may think, P2P services are losing prominence on the Internet. At least, that is what a new study developed by the company Ellacoya, which shows a great growth in HTTP traffic, compared to connections through file sharing networks. According to this analysis, 46% of all network traffic is generated by traditional pages, while 37% is through systems such as eMule or BitTorrent, among others.

Maybe they have something to do with pages like youtube, lastfm, or that many of them already offer online movies without having to upload them to your computer.

Bluetooth penetration suite

For security experts in Bluetooth devices you will surely want this tool, it is a suite to test different attacks on mobile devices taking advantage of bluetooth vulnerabilities.

Within the range of attacks it offers, we have Bluebug, BlueSnarf, BlueSnarf ++, BlueSmack, as well as an RFCOMM shell, and the possibility of running spoofing of Bluetooth addresses.

Programmed in Perl and C, and with the possibility of execution in GNU Linux 2.4 / 2.6 environments, you only need to depend on the BlueZ, Sox, obexftp, Gnu Readline library and XML :: Simple packages.

Win PSP consoles, ipods and trips to Ibiza

Continuing with the line of promotions that I started the other day with retame, now it’s Orbit’s turn, in its page, the mix proposes a simple way to participate where if you’re lucky you can take it from PSP consoles, nano ipods to trips for three people to Ibiza.

And as in all competitions, the more friends you advise, the more chances you will have to win.

Good luck and to participate!