Poly bona President in winter: the movie company’s future are working for BAT

cloud network hunting note: during the Shanghai film festival, held a theme is “movie global financing strategy about” BBS. Poly bona President appears once in the winter, he says, the film company in the future will be working for BAT! In winter believes that the future of the development of the film company, is to satisfy BAT (baidu, tencent, ali) three requirements. In winter why say so?

the author: radio and television exclusive

in winter the speech speed records:

this year, the change of Chinese movie is very big, this year the biggest change from chun-ning liu a few “treasure”, may bring new business opportunities. At this critical moment, the future film traditional enterprise way out in where? How to choose a direction?
The market have a new direction, industry thinking is not match 】
Rapid growth of the decade, there are two: the film industry rapid development (big screen); Rapid development, sitting room, the small screen, mobile Internet, this decade developing rapidly, especially in nearly three years. Cinema is now towards IMAX giant screen, experiential audio-visual feeling in the direction of development, a small screen is heading for the contents of the fragmentation, provide greater amount of information, almost drowned and spending time in our lives.
What’s it like in another ten years? There is no clear answer.
Now, wanda has accounted for nearly 20% of the film market share, it recently invested 10 billion yuan to build the cinema, not shopping center. But its box office within a year is similar like che ticketing system online ticketing catching up. Last light che ticket is near 1 billion at the box office in jiangsu region, more than a lot of theaters, soon it may be more than wanda sales, online sales will exceed the sales store.
China has 20% of the tickets is through online sales last year and could reach 40% this year, these are new shocks and changes for the industry.
More and more movie companies considering now, we still stubbornly star making movies, please, “where dad” four and a half days this year hit movie box office market during the Spring Festival, took the 700 million at the box office, it is the directors, make people very angry and helpless things. This year again “where dad 2”, still want to! Whether movies colleagues to be ready for the challenge of it? Lost is ugly, because there is the impact on the traditional film.
There is a phenomenon, directors guild awards this year is particularly interesting, there are two openings, one is the best film and best director. Feng xiaogang is one of the chairman, director li is a very respected director, they felt that a batch of new film hit the market bring the box office result, “tai town”, “Beijing in Seattle” brings honor, such as the new director, such as outstanding artistic contribution, but why not give best film and best director? Because they think it is not completely is a representative of the art, they cannot be measured in the box office.
Although feng didn’t give his best movie “1942”, but now two gaps or embodies the film context changes, changes in the standards. Directors also insisted on the past from film school learn of the fourth generation, the fifth generation inherits the language and expression way of artistic expression, but the market, young people chose a new way of context, new way of expression. These are our dismissive expression before, why in today’s market can be obtained by 700 million at the box office? There is no answer, I also very confused.
My prediction: content industry in the future will be working for BAT!]
Now is a more screen time, for content industry company, to grasp the content production this link. As a group pictures, should meet the demand of the contents of three aspects:
Film of the one, and this is a rapidly growing latent market;
Second, the TV series, this is very large manufacturing groups in China, also has a large broadcast platform;
Three, network drama.
I always can’t distinguish what is a drama, what is a network. “House of CARDS” is not a network, is the TV drama; “Are you from the stars” is not a network, is a Korean dramas, but we don’t have to introduce, broadcast on the Internet.
I think the difference between network drama and drama is, TV actress if died, she could no longer live, network drama can according to the requirement of the fans let her live – which is interactive, network drama can be interactive, TV cannot interact, because the product has been finished production.
The future of the development of the film company, is to satisfy BAT (baidu, tencent, ali), the demand of the three, BAT to what we’re doing! Cinema is the foundation of our position, online tickets can be, the rest is TV and network.
The BAT, three at the video screen industry development, content differentiation is inevitable. Don’t think now ali in rapid industry layout, tencent in the layout, baidu is doing.
Today I put the words in here, the final content of product differentiation, must not all platforms are put the same program, this is our industry over the next decade may change. Future platform after the shop, and the rest is the content of the product competition and talent competition.
Is to rely on traditional we sign the contract, by action or by shares, friendship, these all have no future. The future platform company directly to picking cotton in the fields, which piece of cotton good, down to pick directly, does not need to be cooperative, do not need to suppliers, so it had a huge impact on our traditional industry.
I think the future of China’s “eight big company” may last into three companies, is the three big film group BAT. Content is a creative industry, need more creative talents, but to form scale, platform product line. BAT has identified the platform for us audience – we call “audience”, they call the “user”, if you two get through, BAT is ultimately belongs in the future.
We are now the only advantage is what? One is now to do the scale up quickly, not the size of the film company is not the future, independent will eventually belong to the BAT, because they are combed with subvert our way in the industry. The next step is the restructuring of the content industry. Now the industry is a real opportunity has come, the next ten years is the Internet leading the industrial revolution of ten years.
The future engine is content, the development of the industry needs policy support 】
Is now a cinemas in the stage of rapid growth and Internet users, the content of the future we need more products.
Now to globalization of product layout, rather than a local film. Is now a little debate, are we shoot at little cost or so-called “ground” movie, gave up on the big screen, market? This highly controversial. From “where dad”, including “Jane’s you” achieved good results, make a lot of this kind of movie company transformation. Carriers such as large came, we will do.
China’s booming market, quickly set up so many IMAX giant screen, 3 d large-format, quickly became a quick access to foreign movies. This issue there is no way, don’t go from the content of the product up to resolve the problem, there is no way.
Address from content, actually has a lot of problems. Our film industry reform into the deep water area, the deep water area, over the past decade, we can change all changed, we touch stone across the river, all simple questions, do not touch the interests we both changed, now really touch the depth of their interests, there is no way to change.
Now in the critical moment, such as grading system problem, the somebody else porn sites have been solved, user registration and fees, is the grading system.
Film from the last 900 million to 21.7 billion last year, this year is likely to exceed 28 billion, or 30 billion. In the next decade, our industry could reach 100 billion, five years later we will surpass the United States. Industry scale expands rapidly, the basis of the next decade, is on content.
Over the past decade, we depend on two things: one is the real estate, shopping center is Mr Wang this gang is the first of the big joke was set up, the rapid growth of power by real estate driven; Second power is digital low threshold, we used the traditional copy, there is no way to do the synchronization, traditional rounds very expensive piece of film, north American reconstruction speed is slow, now we are in emerging markets, one pace reachs the designated position 2 k, pull the film market rapid development.
Now built a big joke, shopping center pattern shrinking, three or four line city by local cinema, don’t need so big of wanda plaza, is likely to be community supermarket necessaries of life, or is the cluster of leisure entertainment, food and beverage and cinema this way is more suitable for the 345 cities.
Next film power is content, is a hierarchical, is the easing of content industry, the emergence of the content of the product or more different needs, including the number of imported films.