Preach Youtube10 $to buy “gaming ESPN” Twitch

according to Google’s Youtube has spent $1 billion acquisition of global famous e-sports Twitch video platform. If the news is true, it will be acquired by Google, Youtube department activity of capital operation was the biggest.

Twitch from its Justin. TV middle points out an independent company. Its main function is to provide video gamer games watch video streaming media service. Users not only can see the game on the Twitch game action, can also learn from other players the game strategy. Twitch, moreover, will also hold some games related radio programs, talk show, and so on, Twitch goal, is to be a “gaming ESPN”.

at present, Twitch in the number of active users has reached 45 million, of which 1 million users every month on its web site to upload the video game. According to the report, Twitch traffic generated by the recent accounted for 44% of total U.S. streaming video flow.

Twitch of the profit model has the following several ways, one is users to buy monthly pay “Turbo”, similar to the site of the VIP users. The second is advertising revenue. In live games clearance, homepage, and making use of the margins were Twitch game video ads. Three is a main advertising into video seeding. Players can play on Twitch conveniently video broadcast their real-time situation of playing a game. If master in his own game in the channel to attract large-scale viewer, you can earn money.

Youtube acquisition Twitch can obviously strengthen the former dominance in the field of video. But more importantly, has long been criticized for not video contributor to bring good returns on Youtube, can Twitch the profit pattern of diversified demand, and ultimately benefit from content developers.